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Hi All,

Recently, I got a chance to work on a project which involved SAP BW 7.4 SP5.

The latest SP5 of SAP BW 7.4 powered by HANA comes up with a lot of new and enhanced features.

I have tried to explore the so called new features and has taken the help of HELP.SAP wherever required.

This is the Third in the 4 part series of documents which will take you through the various new features.

Part 1 of the series can be found in the link :

Part 2 of the series can be found in the link :

Part 4 of the series can be found in the link :

20)  Lot of changes in DTP tabs:

a) Source object list has now many options.

b) Target object list has now many options.

c) New options in Error Handling and Trigger Database Merge:

d)  Track Records after Failed Request option:

Changes in Error Handling:

The error handling options have been renamed, and the default setting has been changed:

Previous Option

Previous Default

New Option

New Default



Terminate request; no record tracing; no updating


No update, no reporting


Terminate request; First record with errors is traced; No updating


Update valid records, no reporting (request red)


Request red; Write error stack; Update valid records


Update valid records, reporting possible (request red)


Request green; Write error stack; Update valid records


21)  New Bex Functionalities:(Extracted from Help.Sap)


22)  The BW modeling tools provide a new development environment editing BW metadata objects. The development environment is

       based on the open platform Eclipse.

23)   Terminology Changes(extracted from Help.Sap)

  • OLD: OLAP Engine - NEW: Online Analytical Processor
  • OLD: Planning Engine - NEW: Planning Processor

24)  Sybase IQ as a Near-Line Storage Solution(Extracted from Help.Sap)

If you are running an SAP HANA database, you can use SAP HANA Smart Data Access (SDA) to access your data in Sybase IQ near-line storage.

25)   Composite Provider(New)(Extracted from Help.Sap)


There is now a new CompositeProvider. You can find the various tools and functions required for working with this new Composite Provider in the Eclipse-based BW modeling tools. In this new composite Provider, you can merge data from BW Info Providers with data from SAP HANA models using Union and Join, or just merge BW data.

You can only use this new composite Provider if you are using a SAP HANA database.

In future, this composite Provider will be the central composite Provider that forms the virtual data mart layer that provides the data for reporting and analysis. Initially it will replace the existing Composite Providers and the MultiProvider. Later on it will also replace the InfoSet, the Transient Provider on SAP HANA models and the Virtual Provider on SAP HANA models.

            A scenario for Composite Provider is explained in the following link in detail:


            Note: There is a Display XML option available in the Composite Provider screen:



Hope you got a glimpse of some of the new features that has come  in BW7.4.



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