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This was an ASUG webcast given yesterday.  The replay is here.  More upcoming BW/4HANA webcasts are below:

Source: SAP

SAP provides business content as a jump start.  It is very useful in developing your own content as templates.

Source: SAP

Obtain a greater level of detail with this content.

Source: SAP

New content is added every SP/quarter

Source: SAP

Different scenarios for business content; Scenario A is just data sources, Scenario B includes data sources & infoobjects, Scenario C, using CONTB and CONT - predefined advanced DSO's, data flows to include queries

Source: SAP

Content uses new modeling objects

Source: SAP

Data sources covered include HANA EIM, Vora, - a number of ways to connect sources


Source: SAP

Classic LSA had mandatory layers; LSA++ persists data once and has optional layers

Source: SAP

Corporate memory: Optional in LSA++

Built advanced DSO’s that use field-based modeling

Core EDW has InfoSources

Composite provider is virtual data mart layer

Source: SAP

RSOR transaction to select data flow objects and it will only pull in the necessary objects

Source: SAP

Only deliver DTP's if necessary for the content

Non-persisent DTP is not delivered with content, include as proposal

Source: SAP

See the help here  for what is new in SP05

Source: SAP

The above shows which content is delivered when

Source: SAP

What is new in SP05 is QM/quality management

Source: SAP

For PP, content is only delivered up to InfoSource

Source: SAP

Question & Answer

Q: So infosource is not part of the future roadmap ?

A: Infosources can still be used in BW/4HANA

Q: I don't see on slide 20

A: Download slides here:

Q: Can you share the note that says the datasources that are released on S4HANA ?

A: 2500202

Q: Is BW/4 HANA only on Cloud ?

A: It is available on-premise

Q: If source system ECC migrates to S/4 HANA? Table structures will changes in ECC right? so how about BW data sources?

A: See SAP Note 2500202

Q: Is BW/4 HANA only on Cloud ?

A: On premise - please check Marc Bernard's session at 2018 ASUG Annual Conference session:

Q: If you go to SOH (ECC on HANA) you would not need the COPA accelerator anymore, correct?

A: Correct

Q: How do the extractors 0FI_ACDOCA_10 and _20 fit in?

A: They directly reflect the ACDOCA table used in S/4HANA. However, currently there is no content for it yet on BW/4 side.

Q: Can you shows us the data flows for GL?

A: These are in the slides here:

Q: So the dilemma is how BW/4HANA can help a S/4HANA client and I don't see compelling options for client. BW/4HANA can only best serve ECC based client today

A: Not sure why come to that conclusion; extractors with ECC can be used with S/4 - and thousand CDS and BW/4HANA can connect those CDS as datasource using ODP- lots of opportunity

Q: Client on BW on HANA in B4H Mode vs BW/4HANA - what will they loose or gain in comparison?

A: If running BW7.5 and added add-on, and now run B4H, it doesn't allow you to use old objects; not getting new enhancements of BW/4HANA - can't use myself connection, classic DSO's, etc.

Q: Brian talked about a web site showing which CDS can be used as a data source. When would that be available ?

A: currently no fixed date for it yet. However basically you can extract through all views by adding the annotation @analytics.extraction.enabled : true

Q: For example if I can filly leverage 0FI-ACDOCA_10 I can throw all the FI/CO extrcators you shared in this slide

A: this would cover most of the FI reporting, not all, will need to check the details

Q: Does BW/4HANA also come with some CDS views?

A: Yes, the technical content is made up of CDS views

Q: You mentioned about IBP ; is it integrated on BW4HANA

A: Not exactly; with BW/4HANA have BPC11.0 is integrated. IBP is in S4 and not in BW/4HANA

Q: For views in BW/4HANA - should we use Graphical Views or go after CDS views?

A: Graphical calculation views are the modeling entities which can be used by CompositeProviders.

Q: Is there any standard S4 content for Business Objects?

A: Working on content for SAP Analytics Cloud



Please join ASUG for this upcoming related webcasts here

And, join us June 4 for Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference 2018 SAPPHIRENOW with SAP Analytics Cloud/ Lumira Designer Session

See 2018 ASUG Annual Conference BI Brochure

There’s still time to join the ASUG Influence Council for SAP Analytics Cloud – read more here



What do you think of the BW/4HANA business content?  I know in the past I have made heavy use of the BW business content.
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