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BW/4HANA was released on Feb 25

Source: SAP

This was a SAP User Group webcast today. While it is similar to this blog Recap: SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 Webcast #BW4HANA #ASUG Q&A | SAP Blogs the roadmap part at the end provides more future vision.

You are welcome to join these upcoming related webcasts:

March 27 BI: Influence of Agility and Big Data Principles to BW/4HANA Architecture

April 9 BI: Data Protection & Privacy with BW/4HANA

April 10 BI: What’s New with Application Design in SAP Analytics Cloud

April 16 BI: What’s New in Transitioning from SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA

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ASUG Annual Conference/SAPPHIRENOW sessions:

SAP BW/4HANA2.0 - Overview and further Roadmap

ASUG Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Influence Council

Source: SAP

Legal Disclaimer

Source: SAP

BW on HANA improved loads

BW/4HANA - simplify aspects of data warehouse - data modeling, layers

2 major shipments - SP04 - integration with Data Hub

2018 - web cockpit for administrator

2019 - Feb 25 - new version 2.0 available; need to be on HANA 2.0

No Gui required in BW/4HANA

Evolution of BW

Source: SAP

Mission is openness

Source: SAP

From 11 to 4 data modeling objects

Data tiering - optimized processes

New UI for the administrator and for the data modeler

Can run on-premise or private cloud (HEC, Google, Microsoft, AWS)

Source: SAP

BW/4HANA Web Cockpit is central entry point for administrator

Maintenance of process chains, authorizations

UI5 - can be called from any device

Source: SAP

Simplified search, upload master data, data protection is triggered from admin cockpit

Source: SAP

Before, download, install, activate technical content - statistics automatically filled

No longer required in new version

New version provides predefined content - data volume, selection, done "on the fly' on ABAP CDS views. No longer need to activate/fill content

Without any data movements

Source: SAP

New eclipse based modeling tools in 2.0 are shown on the right

No longer need any GUI - all modeling in Eclipse

Admin in UI5 cockpit

Benefit is reduced efforts

Source: SAP

New editors

Agile modeling

Source: SAP

New remodeling

Bring new data to BW without creating an InfoObject

Product ID doesn't have InfoObject; model on a field level, later switch to InfoObject modeling

Source: SAP

New DSO setting, can directly write to a DSO - direct update of DSO, then used by SAP Data Services (ETL)

Can other ETL tools use this write interface? No, only for SAP tools such as Data Hub, Data Services

Cloud sources - how connect SF, Ariba - used Smart Data Integration - manual efforts; no longer the case, use write interface

Benefits - cost savings, simplification

Source: SAP

Obtain information from unstructured world - tight integration with Data Hub, triggered by a process chain

Source: SAP

Connect S/4HANA Cloud to BW/4HANA - see SAP Note

Source: SAP

Mixed scenarios - HANA Native - look up access to core BW tables (DSO object) - past, not provided

Now provide SQL view auto generate and those who model with Native models can access

See SAP Note in above

Source: SAP

Pushed down to HANA such as Top N, Bottom N, to improve performance

Source: SAP

New chart types available in SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

BW/4HANA 2.0 meets GDPR

It is easier to maintain

Tight integration with ILM

Info from ILM to BW/4HANA

Source: SAP

ILM to BW/4 workflow


Source: SAP

Data warehouse as a service - more at SAPPHIRENOW - add session SAP BW/4HANA2.0 - Overview and further Roadmap to your agenda

Source: SAP

Recap of new features in BW/4HANA 2.0

Source: SAP

In 2020, more on Data Warehouse as a Service

Direct update to cold data in Sybase IQ, Vora, or Hadoop

Additional automation for data protection process

Enhancements for content activation, integration with Data Hub (metadata catalog repository) - impact analysis, CPI sources for SAP Cloud Platform

Current member push down

Source: SAP

Additional automation on data tiering, based on rules, statistics

Pilot project

How use machine learning algorithms to help admin better administrate landscape

Integration with Data Hub repository

Open Hub will still be there (to be modernized)

Source: SAP
Machine learning to optimize data tiering optimization


More questions?  Join us next week for BI: Influence of Agility and Big Data Principles to BW/4HANA Architecture
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