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Figure 1: Source: SAP



Webcast is from last month with Iver van de Zand and Jonathan Freeland, SAP

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Analytics is moving to the cloud, as shown above

Decrease of customers using on premise analytics

Time to move to the cloud


34% continuous annual growth rate

How relate to analytics?

Figure 3: Source: SAP

SAP's analytic offerings

Two portfolios of products

Investment is towards SAP Analytics Cloud; the go forward product

Thousands of customers use BusinessObjects, and want to continue use it

SAP is investing in BusinessObjects

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Can start with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


Alternative if you using BusinessObjects Suite on premise, you have option to use BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Moving BusinessObjects use cases to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to ease transition

No migration from BusinessObjects to SAC and no plans to develop

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Use cases of SAC on top

How interconnectivity works

  1. Live data connectivity

  2. Analytics catalog

  3. Hybrid innovations

Figure 7: Source: SAP

Reasons to stay on BusinessObjects: pixel perfect reports, etc.

PCE may be a solution

Statement of direction - covers SAC, focus on, sources, and covers BusinessObjects

Core strategic direction is SAC

If you want to stay with BusinessObjects, have cloud alternative PCE

Figure 8: Source: SAP

If stay with BusinessObjects, PCE is an option

Over 60K customers using BusinessObjects

Customers are on 4.2, latest version is 4.3, and when migration to 4.3, consider PCE

Figure 9: Source: SAP

BI strategy for BusinessObjects

BI4.2 - maximum 2024 for support

BI4.3 - Priority 1 support through 2027

Private Cloud Edition, 4.3, support without an end date at the moment

If you want to stay with BusinessObjects, the way forward is Private Cloud Edition (PCE)

Figure 10: Source: SAP

What you get with Private Cloud Edition

Provide full scope of normal BusinessObjects; SAP provides as a managed service

You have same access to user tools as today

Difference is SAP is managing platform, installation, patching

Two tier landscape

Hyperscaler first offering

Service Level agreement 99.7 across entire stack

1 contract, single material, select # of users, and SAP provides infrastructure

Shared system with you and SAP

Figure 11: Source: SAP

Single material, number of users, SAP provides licensing, infrastructure - Azure, etc. database

SAP provides application services

Optional - for additional help - report development

Figure 12: Source: SAP

PCE for BusinessObjects is one of many SAP offerings

76 offerings for analytics, adding all the time

PCE offerings are modular

Figure 13: Source: SAP

Summary of what is already covered

Where it fits

Many of us have BOE on premise, do our own patching, for several years


HEC - private cloud from SAP - every single installation is different, customized, different architecture - takes longer to design and provision and more expensive.

PCE: prepackaged templates, T-shirt size, rapidly deploy turnkey solution with a suite of services

Figure 14: Source: SAP

Built on best practice reference architecture, designed to scale

Designed for mission critical environments

Figure 15: Source: SAP

User based subscription offering

T shirt sizes are small, medium, large, extra large

Figure 16: Source: SAP

PCE default platform is 4.3

Later this year will be SP2

Same tools as on premise

Runs on Linux platform

Data integrator/Data Services not in this BusinessObjects PCE; Data Services PCE is available

Figure 17, Source: SAP

T shirt sizes on the right

Enterprise Support is part of the support

Figure 18: Source: SAP

Reuse BusinessObjects investment; to do that with PCE - provided as part of PCE - SAP Cloud Connector, SAC Agent, BusinessObjects Live Data Connect

Figure 19: Source: SAP

Difference between PCE and deploying BusinessObjects on hyperscaler?

On left, on premise, where we are today

Figure 20: Source: SAP

If you move to IaaS, the provider will take on storage, etc but you are still responsible for BusinessObjects layer (patching)

PCE is tailored to BusinessObjects - file cleanups, settings, version management set up

Figure 21: Source: SAP

PCE vs hyperscaler summary

Figure 22: Source: SAP

Where start engagement with SAP

Is PCE feasible for you?

Cloud architect (CAA) to work with you

Migration assessment - may work with one of the partners - what to do with the content; move like to like over?  Redevelopment?

Figure 23: Source: SAP

Once you have proposal, if need additional services, help, additional options shown above

Figure 24: Source: SAP

If sign agreement, signing for a service

Upgrades are included PCE; not mandated, one upgrade - you decide when

Figure 25: Source: SAP

What happens with existing BusinessObjects agreements?  If move to PCE, your existing agreement is canceled

Move to a subscription

Could move to a combination of PCE + SAC

Take opportunity to "right size" BusinessObjects

Figure 26: Source: SAP

Move to SAC over time

Could be in stages

BusinessObjects reduces, SAC increases, with flexibility over time

Figure 27: Source: SAP

Big decision

Cloud architect will run workshops

Same software you had before

Customer is responsible for connection between data center and data sources


Customer examples are on the right



How to join SAP Analytics technology group

you can access the LinkedIN SAP Analytics group here: already 43800 others joined. We post 3-4 best practices per day:

How does this compare to standalone tools like Anaplan, Workday who are innovating BI and reporting capabilities

SAP Analytics Cloud Planning is very (!) capable of all the things ANaplan does and beyond. On top we deliver splendid BI and Predictive analytics capabilities and also offer best-in-class connectivity

Would we ever be able to have "Dashboard in a day" type training with SAC?

absolutely: we revamped our SAP ANalytics Community and has a ton of enablement materials to really quickly onboard your users:

AS its Private offering so does Customer have control over elasticity and other Infrastructure?

yes, there are various packages. Jonathan will cover that. Also: you choose the hyperscaler

Link to slides:



Legal disclaimer applies - anything in the future is subject to change

Source: SAP
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