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SAP Lumira Roadmap Call was held a few weeks ago. You can watch the recording here.

Legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change:

Source: SAP

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Delivering enhancements on all areas of Lumira products

You can see in the demo with a “revamped user experience”

When you acquire the data, it loads to the velocity engine

Multiple rooms are gone

Pie charts: data labels are outside the chart for better visibility

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Lumira 2.0 Designer has new features and functions, including geomap enhancements, export data into SAP Analysis Office and use Office to do further analysis.

Enhancements to PDF export, chart configuration at runtime

Planning – continue to support BW-IP/BPC models

Composites – reuse in applications, such as the KPI tile; build KPI tile as a composite, publish on BI platform and app designers can access

Renovated bookmark concept

Convert to m library

Use Lumira Discovery use the data preparation, blending; use Discovery for data merge/blend

Figure 4: Source: SAP


Planned RTC mid-April

Bring missing 1.x in 2.x – plan to bring

Finish convergence plans

Explorer like search “natural language search”, what-if, publication, broadcasting – plan to bring in part of the convergence

Enable smart discovery by using machine predictive capabilities – make recommendations and suggestions

Question and Answer

Q: Lumira 2.0 can be considered a Tableau or Qlikview competitor ?

A: yes, with Lumira 2.0 we are covering self-service scenario and dashboarding scenario with one

Q: product is this mobile accessible?

A: Yes, Lumira 2.0 is also supported with BI Mobile Solution


Q: How much data that the velocity engine can handle?

A: Data volume depends on the size of the system(velocity engine)


Q: With Lumira 2.0 even though it's one product, it has 2 client interfaces to cover self-service scenario and dashboarding scenario's when compared to a competitor like Tableau who has one product and one client interface which seems like a better and simplified approach. What are the advantages of SAP's 2 client interface strategy compared to its competitors?

A: the advantage of Lumira 2.0 is that business user and it person has their own environment to work, but they are working with the same technology and they can talk to each other. Lumira 2.0 has on one side the IT governance approach, but business user has their own free space to create their stories. you will see that later with the interop demo


Q: keeping scripting is good but there are things which can be made bit more on UI configuration than coding

A: agree:-) we are going to this direction with Lumira 2.0


Q: variables of variants something like in web application designer will be support?

A: Variants are planned for the next release after Lumira 2.0


Q: Reduce need for coding in Lumira Designer

A: Discovery - UI for end user

Cover simple dashboard scenario for Discovery and complex is for Designer

Some things could be done in properties over coding; part of future direction

Composites reduce coding


Q: Is their any new templates delivered as a part of Lumira 2.0 like we have in Design Studio in 1.6 Version ?

A: yes, we have a updated new generic analysis template


Planning template will also be delivered

Discovery template should be covered  by discovery client, no this template will not be delivered with Lumira 2.0


Q:  is possible to refresh the data in the velocity engine.

A: Yes


Q: Web Intelligence as a data source to Discovery?

A: Hearing feedback; something in backlog for future

1.6 supports opendoc URL for jumps from Designer


Q: My client is new to Lumira, do we need to install lumira tools on the server side inorder to use the Lumira discovery tools/Lumira design studio ?

A: both Discovery and Designer have client installation. to collaborate on the content you need platform


Q: Can webi last instance be used as data source?

A: not supported in 2.0, you can consider using partner extension


Q:  powerpoint integration ?

A: we support PDF export


Q: simply there is no additional things to be configured on the server side, just install the client tools and publish them to the repository and use them via BI launchpad or Lumira web application

A: to publish and use docuemnts on BI Platforom. you need to have an Lumria server add-on installed on BIP


Q: Lumira Server license - what about mobile user?

A: If you have BI suite license, generally things are covered; contact AE


Q: How product integrates with BIP and launchpad

A: Install add-on to BI platform and make use of authorizations on BI platform



Q: Want to know when the Product Lumira 2.0 Version is available for the clients

A: the planned GA is End of Q2. RTC is planned in middle April


Q: Rapid release cycle - any plans to go back to a 6 month or quarterly release?

A: plan half-yearly release going forward


Q: Run remote option versus run local? (Designer)

A: Local - prototype

Enterprise - run on BI platform



If you are interested in hands-on experience with Lumira Discovery/Designer, consider joining ASUG May 15th for a pre-conference session on Lumira Discovery/Designer - see more information here
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