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SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0 is now in early adopter care (formerly known as ramp-up).  As many of you have already seen, with Lumira Discovery 2.0 it is a single screen, instead of the 3-4 rooms:

BW as a Data Source

Live BW data connection is new

You have the option of logging on locally or through the BI Platform.  For ease of use, I recommend logging on to the BI Platform; that way you don’t need to remember which client ID you are logging on to on the SAP side.

To get familiar with BW online, I recommend activating the SAP NetWeaver Demo Model (transaction RSFC in your BW system - something I learned at Mastering SAP South Africa):

The SAP NetWeaver Demo model takes only seconds to activate.

The import from BW works same as before EXCEPT you do not need to install the extension to access it:

Don’t forget (like I did) to select the “cog” to show presentation text vs. key

You can also Filter on the above screen


I wondered, could you “wrangle” BW data?  Yes:

You can see the extensive context menu shown above.

I replaced “IDES” with blank on the company code field:


Because everything is in a tile view, you can better align the visualizations by turning on the grid view:

Here is the preview mode (with the NetWeaver demo model BEx queries as a data source):

Excel Import

Of course, you can import from Excel.  In the example below, I am importing some ASUG webcast statistics (manually tracked).

One thing to get used to is Maximize after inserting a chart:

Maximize will take you a full screen (similar to the old Visualize room):

Now you can drag or drop your fields to the columns, rows, measures or on to the canvas.

Calculations are validated online – as shown above I am calculating online attendance at webcasts versus overall registrations

You can use the context menu (right-click) for everything – changing chart type, assigning a secondary axis

You have the flexibility in “Design” to change legend position as shown above.

Export to PDF is shown above

You can set up input controls after you create a filter by dragging and dropping onto the canvas.  Slider input controls are available too (middle option above, left is text box input control)


Above is an example slider based on registration numbers for a webcast.

More to come.

Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference

Monday, May 15th, Pre-conference session

I am looking forward to hands-on experience at ASUG Annual Conference (1 week from today):

SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio: What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Discovery, and SAP BusinessObjects Cloud:


ASUG has 2 influence sessions for Lumira 2.0, along with a roadmap and the "world premiere".  See schedule here.


In case you miss ASUG Annual Conference feel free to join ASUG on May 23rd for the following webcast:

May 23: Overview of Lumira 2.x and Roadmap


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