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Now that SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is generally available, I thought I would review some of the changes since the beta release over the summer.

First, you can log on to the BI Platform, and this is managed under Tools > Preferences

So notice now that you can log on to the BI platform and you also can reuse the OLAP connections that are set up in the CMC:

In Beta, we had to manually manage our connections to SAP BW/ECC.  Now Design Studio reads those from your SAP logon pad and you no longer need to manually maintain them.

The workflow may be as a developer you work locally (without the BI platform) and then when you are ready to publish, you upload to the BI platform.

Before, we had the option to deploy locally (to the browser), the QR code (for deploying to the iPad) and now since GA the option is to deploy to the BI Platform (requires BI4 SP05)

You can also deploy to the BI platform via the Application Menu

Note there are some notes you should look at before deploying to the BI Platform - see the Release Notes at

Also please review the recently updated product roadmap at (SMP logon required) to see when new features are coming.

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