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“As we all know analytics will never remain the same”


Recently, sap released cloud_for_analytics product in October 2015. What actually cloud_for_analytics (c4a) is? SAP Cloud for Analytics combines all analytics capabilities – including business intelligence (BI), planning, predictive analytics, data visualization, and digital boardroom tools – in a single cloud-based solution. It is built natively on the sap_Hana platform and offered as software-as-a-service.





Our journey to this blog started as an assignment of bco6181 which is a part of an SAP Post Graduate degree at the Victoria_university in Australia.

As we have been just learning about the erp applications and tool for data visualizations like sap_Lumira and one day tony.dethomasis introduced a guest speaker nash.gajic who gave an insight into a new tool developed by SAP in market known as Cloud for Analytics. Then, that name stroked in our heads and became the topic of the blog. Like us, someone else could be new to this word which turned to be a curiosity for us to search and write a blog on it. We are very grateful to tony.dethomasis and nash.gajic who inspired us to write our personal opinion on the cloud_for_analytics



Whenever the new technologies and tools emerge in the market, they always bring a mystery with them, which needs exploration. Sometimes customers have to say goodbye to the old products to gain the benefits of the updated product. For example, customers who were running business-object and sap_Lumira have to rebuild the dashboards and reports if they want to run them on Cloud for Analytics.


In our tutorials we are learning separate tools like dashboards, web_intelligence (SAP Lumira) and crystal-reports to analyse the data and to build the reports. However, c4a is becoming the future of analytics and can be taught as a subject in the universities and students will be able to learn about visualization, planning, predictive analysis and GRC (governance, risk and compliance) features in one product.







As per our research, we found that Cloud for Analytics is already being used by some of the SAP customers such as live_oak_bank, nfl and daimler_trucks North America and they are happy customers.


According to stephen.hayes who is working as Analytics manager in live_oak_bank, US states that Cloud for Analytics is the best tool which helps them to improve internal collaboration, predictive analysis, transparency and faster decision making. He says that there is no need of expertise hands as the user just need to move, filter, drag and drop between the given options to get the desired results.






In nutshell, SAP Cloud for Analytics looks very promising. Being a student after exploring about this tool that reflected a positive impression and motivated us to write about it, from this, we can imagine that how beneficial it would be for real business users!!!!!!

Special Gratitude to tony.dethomasis who gave an opportunity to write a blog, nash.gajic who inspired us to write about it and special thanks to Paul Hawking who explained the real importance of SAP tools.


Thanks for spending your precious time to read this blog and feel free to drop in comments.


Written By:


    Harmandeep Kaur



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