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I have tried to provide a summarized capabilities and features of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for those who want an overview of the product abilities and functionality.


Software-as-a-Service on SAP HANA Cloud Platform(HCP)

  • Simple and Powerful

  • Single tool to report for BI, Planning, Predictive, Dashboards and GRC

  • Intuitive and appealing visual user interface

  • Covers all the aspects of Planning Process

    • Create Models

    • Build Reports

    • Connect to different Source systems

    • Collaboration

  • Manage planning processes

    • Creation of Input Tasks

    • Review of planning processes

    • Target Completion dates and Integrated calendar

    • Workflow Integration







Key Features

  • Calculated Measures

  • Currency translation

  • Bi-Directional support with SAP BPC

  • Built in financial intelligence for aggregation methods and account signage

  • Alternate hierarchy

  • R/W authorization directly on Model

  • workflow assignment to person responsible

  • private versions and what-if scenarios

  • formulas very similar to Excel

  • Allocation, distribution and spreading

  • Input data directly at Base or Node level. Support a direct number or %


Disaggregation of Plan Data


  • Spreading

    • Based on the weights specified

  • Distribution

    • To siblings

  • Allocation

    • We can provide the allocation rules

    • Based on hierarchy and driver dimension



Data Visualizations


Many of visualizations like Line, Bar, Pie charts are easily created for various KPIs.



Data Connectivity


  • Online/Remote Connectivity - Connects to the data in a remote system. This is supported through SAP HANA Smart Data Access.  External data sources through SAP HANA Cloud Platform Integration Services.

  • Below are supported for Remote Connectivity.

    • SAP HANA

    • HCP

  • Data Acquisition – Data is extracted and loaded into Analytics System. (Uses storage in SAP Cloud). Below are supported for Data Acquisition.

    • SAP BW - Data Load can be scheduled. For details for supported BW components –2245241.

    • BPC - Data Load can be scheduled.

    • For Connecting to SAP BPC 10.0 requires the SAP HANA Cloud Connector.

    • CSV Files

    • XLS Files

    • Google Sheets

    • - Data Load can be scheduled.

  • Importing Data

    • Replace – Updates existing data and adds new records

    • Clean & Replace – Deleted existing data and add new records

    • Append – Keeps existing data and adds new records

  • Any other data sources can also be connected using SAP HANA Information Access(INA). For Ex: SAP Hybris Marketing etc..

  • We also need to configure the Web dispatcher for the purpose to connecting to C4A. Below URL can be used to access the Web Dispatcher.


Connecting to a Remote HANA System


The advantages using a Remote Connection are that the data is never replicated in the C4A System and Security and privacy of the data is not compromised. The browser in the user PC will directly connect to both C4A and Remote System to get the required data and visualizations.



Creating Models

  • Manually

  • Importing from Excel, BW, BPC, HANA, HCP

  • Connect to Data Wizard

  • Creating a New Story


Dimension Types

  • Organisation —Optional. Dimension that specifies the Org. Units like Locations, Co.

  • Codes, Cost centres, Profit Centres etc.(Only One)

  • Generic —any generic dimension that cannot be specified using Organization or Account

  • Pool—Specific for Allocation for Planning models.


Every Model must have an Account dimension (Only One), Organization Dimension. (Only One)





Uses data/row level Security for all the Data. Also has the ability to restrict the Content like Models, Stories etc. For using security, the dimension has to be flagged with Enable Data Access Control. This makes the dimension as authorization relevant.



Data Auditing


All the changes to the Transaction data are audited. Only those Models will be audited that are enabled for the data auditing and published versions of the models.

The Audit information will have data related to

  • Date and Time of the change

  • User

  • Original Value

  • New Value



2291582 SAP Cloud for Analytics Agent _ for on-premise data-connectivity

  • Offline data acquisition from SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

  • Offline data acquisition from SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for Microsoft Platform (BPC MS)

  • Offline data acquisition from SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform

Data acquisition limit for Excel is 40 MB


2115739 - SAP Cloud for Analytics Limitations


Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome

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