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I wrote this using SAP BusinessObjects Lumira.  For fun, I thought why not try using BusinessObjects Cloud, build my story feature.  First I modeled it, changed a few that fields that were showing "dimensions" into measures.

At first I never did see "Build my story for me" but I had to change the zoom in Chrome so I could see it.

The next screen, I select key fields to analyze, in this case, time zone, screen name, tweet counts.

What is interesting is the upper left middle, showing tweet text.  That wasn't selected, but appears, and is hard to read, so I adjust it.

I also change the colors on the upper left where it is showing screen name and tweet source.  The graph looks a little too "busy" and is hard to read.

I remove some of the unnecessary legends.  I am still in "design" mode.

This is in view mode.

Using BusinessObjects Cloud you can save a story to PDF and in some cases that is easier to read.  I don't see a way to attach a PDF to a blog post here on SCN.  Instead it is attached to the event wiki here.
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