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This document was created to enumerate the new things added in BI Launch Pad 4.1


SAP Jam was added as a collaboration option in Business Intelligence (BI) launch pad.

When integrated, SAP Jam adds social media and collaboration features to BI launch pad.

Collaboration improvements

With the addition of SAP Jam, BI launch pad supports two collaboration options.

Your administrator must configure your collaboration application in the Central Management Console (CMC) before you can use it.

The following enhancements are supported by both collaboration applications:

  • New viewer options
  • Improved integration with BI launch pad
  • New access rights
  • Add comments to a feed when opening a document or instance via an OpenDocument link

Open the details panel in any viewer

You can open the details panel from anywhere in BI launch pad and in a viewer when using an OpenDocument link.

Automatically add file extensions when scheduling

When selected, the Add File Extension check box in the "Destinations" dialog box automatically adds the file extension to a file name when scheduling reports and publications. The check box is selected by default.

You can also add a file-extension placeholder when scheduling to the following destination locations:

  • BI Inbox
  • Email
  • FTP server
  • File system

New features of futures Service Pack and Patchs for SAP BusinessObjects BI Launch Pad 4.1 will be added in this document.

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