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SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP06 Released on July 17th, 2018


Originally scheduled for Week 34 (mid August), SAP surprised us and released SAP BI 4.2 SP06 over a month early!  Version



Source: Maintenance Schedule

Either everybody is still on holiday or holding off for Patch 1... or both... but so far I can't say I've seen or experienced any major issues.

Personally, I couldn't wait to have a look at the latest version of the Interactive Viewer initially "released" in SAP BI 4.2 SP04


What was released?

The usual suspects were released for a fresh Installation or Support Package:

  • SBOP BI Platform 4.2 SP06 Server

  • SBOP BI Platform 4.2 SP06 Client Tools

  • SBOP BI Platform 4.2 SP06 Live Office

  • SBOP BI Platform 4.2 SP06 Integration for SharePoint

  • SBOP BI Platform 4.2 SP06 NET SDK Runtime


  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius) 4.2 SP06

  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.2 SP06

  • SAP Crystal Server 2016 SP06

  • SBOP BI Platform 4.2 SP06 Crystal Reports for Enterprise

  • SAP Crystal Reports 2016 SP06

This is the latest release since SAP BI 4.2 SP05 back in December 2017.


Download Location

These packages are available from Software Downloads:

  • Installation:

Download: link

  • Support Package:

Download: link


What's New?

There is a lot of very good stuff released with Support Package 6 and the usual great articles from christian.ah-soon have been released already:




More from SAP:


LinkedIn Community:



The usual documents have been made available:

  • SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP06 Installation Guide:


Product Availability Matrix (Supported Platform)

  • Release to Customer (RTC):13.11.2015

  • General Availability:08.03.2016

  • End of Mainstream Maintenance:31.12.2022

  • End of Priority One Support Phase:31.12.2024



Nothing major as far as I can see other than support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017, HANA 2.0 SPS 03 ans SharePoint 2016.



Expiry of SAP BI 4.1 (Mainstream Maintenance) on 31/12/2018 (PAM)

Also the expiry of SAP BI 4.2 SP04 in November 2018: BI 4.2 Support Pack End of Life Dates


Maintenance Schedule - What's Next?

  • SAP BI 4.2 SP06:

Week 35 (August): SAP BI 4.2 SP06 - Patch 1

Week 40 (October): SAP BI 4.2 SP06 - Patch 2

Week 45 (November): SAP BI 4.2 SP06 - Patch 3

Week 50 (December): SAP BI 4.2 SP06 - Patch 4


  • SAP BI 4.2 SP07:

Week 9, 2019 (February 2019): SAP BI 4.2 SP07

Source: Maintenance Schedule

  • SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3:

Q4 2019: SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3: Announced!



What do you think?  Are you going to jump on this new release straight away?

Personally...  I'm very happy to see the progress made with the Interactive Viewer and those little touches in Web Intelligence.

Keep in Touch!

Hope this blog was useful.   Please do share your thoughts and comments.

Feel free to "like" and post it on social media!

Always happy to connect:

Take care... A+
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