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This was an SAP webcast today on the overview/roadmap

Source: SAP

The usual legal disclaimer applies; things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

Word has an asterisk, part of the EPM plug-in

Source: SAP

2.x is the go-to release for future development

The Analysis plug-in refers the Analysis ribbon

Based on a pivot table user experience, from Excel

Convergence is a single product, single installer, single license

Introduced a common layer into Excel

Source: SAP

Some limitations for EPM exist as shown above

Source: SAP

BPC embedded recommend Analysis

Above shows which plug in to use

For BW/HANA, use Analysis

For BPC standard, EPM is the right plug-in

For BPC embedded, recommend Analysis

See note above that explains it more detail

Source: SAP

Differences are due to architecture and performance

Analysis approach uses design panel and context pane, Excel styles

Source: SAP

EPM plug-in has limitations with embedded

Check the notes

Exceptions, user interface, performance limitations based on architecture

Source: SAP

You can integrate Analysis with Fiori launchpad  – BI platform (open doc)

Source: SAP

Analysis can be a target for RRI interface

Source: SAP

If you are on 1.4 please upgrade, said SAP

Source: SAP

Planned (subject to change):

Missing EPM Word support

Re-introduce EVDRE support

For Analysis – continuous improvement, table design, rule editor, enable formulas in cross tab

HANA – SSO via cloud

Simplify user experience, asymmetric measures, auto complete

Axis sharing (butterfly report)

Grouping on the fly

Future  (planned for 2017) – commenting framework, similar to Web Intelligence

Integration – working with Lumira colleagues and Cloud colleagues

Looking at offline velocity engine / database

PoC with Excel365 geomaps

If you have live apps that might interact with BI data


You can view the roadmap here (note logon may be required)


Question and Answer
Q: not working (PAM)

A: working today; could be browser related

Q: Will Analysis for Office work with HANA Enterprise Semantic Search? (for agile data preparation)

A: At this time no other plans

Q: Analysis for office on HANA source does not incorporate scenarios such as constant selection and RRI . When are we planning to include them?

A: move to HANA backend colleagues; not something do in the front

Q: One of the biggest pain points for us is upgrading software on end user s computers. As of today it’s manual process requiring user with admin rights accessing end user’s computer. About 80% of our Analysis end users work remotely. Any plans for automating upgrade procedures?

A: Customers said they would like control when upgrades; relies on IT infrastructure and central set up

Q:  Today, you have support for Bex workbook , In which version  of AO the Bex is enable to convert workbook?

A: been there for a while

Q: integration of excel 365 apps — what is support integration with excel 365 today

A: Analysis Office requires on-premise installation; not plan to integrate with HTML of Excel

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