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I uploaded some "how-to" videos reviewing only some of the new features for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis 2.2.  See BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.2 Available - Reviewing New Features

Please note these videos have no sound.  If I have time I will try to upload some more how-to videos with sound.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.2 - New Excel Formula Features

This is a new feature where you can insert Excel formulas that "stay" with the workbook.  It uses an absolute reference, that "stays" when you navigate.

You may provide a measure name in the first column of the Excel formula

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.2 New Open Data Source

This was a question asked at last week's Reporting 2015 conference - different ways to search.

As the video shows, when you are looking for a data source you can now search for it by InfoProvider, Query and Query View

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.x Logoff API Replace System

These features are not new to 2.2 and the replace system feature has been downported to 1.4 SP12, but I thought I would share.


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