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SAP technologies combine with IOT portfolio can resolve the biggest complex problems in any business environment. Be it related to equipment measurements, technical supervision or running online computations. Business managers and their workers can easily communicate to give their updates even if they are far away. That is to ensure that every detail or data added is 100% authentic, reliable and safe. Especially in the quality control and oil and gas industry, the technical supervisor dispatches his routine tasks via SAP applications to his co-workers to adjust machinery requirements and the business workflows through the latest SAP software; which has been integrated into their systems from their core business locations to its regional offices.

The Advantage of Using SAP Software Technologies

The SAP software is so perfectly integrated in their IT systems that even the slightest glitch in the system can be identified to avoid a major catastrophe. These types of IT systems which have been integrated well with SAP technologies usually works reasonably well. But what if a worker doesn’t know how to efficiently use SAP software? It can even cause collapses from an accident or dangerous fumes? How can the supervisor know without a well-integrated system without any verified, reliable or authentic software? A system without any proper software wouldn’t be fast enough to send help? What if a mechanical failure leads to production problems or even a dangerous condition?

Ideally, intelligence software can help both supervisors and workers to be prior well informed immediately about the problem with multiple alarms, regardless of their position. Intel® IoT Platform Drives with IT SAP Integration technologies, such as the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, are already providing opportunities for historical or technical analysis and trending of big data to cater to useful insights. SAP software also makes it possible for information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) to converge in the cloud, delivering analytical insights from IoT data to help drive run-time business processes. Such SAP technologies are even being used in smart home office applications to drive real-time intelligence for the ultimate home or office environment with AI tools.   

How IoT Tools is Embracing the New Era of Technologies

The IoT is enabling new opportunities by expanding into a variety of quantity data analytics, which can compute useful data for you to collect better analysis, automation, and response to complex challenges. But you can’t always wait for back-end analysis of data to take action. Sometimes you need to analyze data at the edge for faster response times. For example, it isn’t always wise and practical to send massive data across a slow, high latency, or intermittent wide-area network (WAN) connection to remote sites. It can be vulnerable and the system can cause delays as well. Now, there’s an easier, faster, and less costly alternative. With combined offerings from Intel and SAP, you can collect, normalize, process, and analyze critical data close to the source and still share data with your back-end systems for additional analysis and business workflows when the network is available. You can also safeguard it from vulnerable online attacks or avoid data loss blunders.

The Advantage of Faster Connectivity and Intelligent Technologies

By using the Intel® IoT Platform for smart and connected things as a foundation, it can easily help your business to accelerate and accelerate to new heights. Intel is collaborating with SAP to provide more intelligent hardware products and technologies integrated with SAP products and services to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions. Sensor modules based on the Intel® Quark™ SoC, along with IoT gateway platforms, device management, security, and connectivity capabilities all provide a way for smart, connected things to send data to the cloud in a secure and scalable way.  SAP works to solve the IoT challenge of ingesting and processing the massive amounts of analytical data generated from millions of smart things (OT) so that existing business processes flow seamlessly, applications, and practices (IT) can consume the data and analytical insights to enable automation and transformation.

Together, SAP and Intel products can accelerate the time to market for customers building end-to-end IoT solutions in industrial, retail, transportation, and other vertical markets. Edge-to-Cloud Analytics and intelligent sensors from Intel Technology can collect data from one wide range of sources to almost everywhere in all industries. Intel Quark SE-SoC Microcontroller with Bluetooth * low Energy (BLE) and analytics on board enable innovative sensors. These new technologies can pave out the way to new horizons for data intelligence and business productivity.
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