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Hello All,


With customers and partners adopting SAP Intelligence enterprise, they are in the lookout for a robust IDE to build and extend SAP solutions to fulfill their business needs. To support these needs, SAP has introduced SAP Business Application Studio, the next generation of SAP Web IDE.

This is a modular driven environment tailored for efficient development of business applications such as SAP Fiori, Applications for SAP CP Mobile Services, full stack business applications, SAP S4 HANA extensions and modelling workflows.

With SAP Web IDE already in place, a question would definitely arise in our mind - Why Business Application Studio and what it offers??

I have tried to come up with the key features and value prepositions that both development environment offers:

                                  SAP Business Application Studio Vs Web IDE Full Stack

Business Application Studio Web IDE Full Stack
Availability SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Environment. Has recently been released to customers on Azure, AWS, Ali-Cloud SAP Cloud Platform Neo Environment
Deployment Target SAP CP CF, on premise ABAP Repository, SAP CP ABAP Environment(Planned) SAP CP Neo, SAP CP CF, on premise ABAP repository

Offers suited dev spaces which are like isolated virtual machines in the cloud. Each dev space type contains tailored tools and pre-installed runtimes that simplify and save time in setting up the development environment


Offers Generic workspace with tools
Use Cases and App Types

  • Business Services and full stack business applications using CAP with Java, Node.js

  • SAP Fiori Freestyle for CF

  • Mobile V1

  • S/4 HANA Extensions

Planned for Q2 2020

  •  Fiori Elements

  •  Mobile V2

  •  HANA

  •  Workflows

  •  Fiori Launchpad


  • SAP Fiori Freestyle apps for Neo and CF

  • SAP Fiori Elements app

  •  Mobile apps

  •  Workflows

  •  S/4 HANA and SaaS applications and extensions

Development Experience

  • Improved Development Experience consistent with leading IDEs in the market

  • Desktop like experience and Integrated Command Line tools

  • Superior Debugging capabilities and productivity tools compared to Web IDE

  •  Browser based experience

  •  No integrated CLI

Open Standards

Based on Standards and open sources. Eg: Eclipse Theia IDE which embraces Microsoft Visual Studio Code design principles and extensions.

Uses limited Open sources
Personal Edition Currently Not Available. Planned for future SAP Web IDE Personal Edition Available

Conclusion - When to use What?

As per SAP, Web IDE Full stack will continue to be available and supported. SAP Cloud Platform, Neo customers can continue using SAP Web IDE as their recommended development environment.

With regards to CAP development, one can go for SAP Business Application Studio as it has an edge over SAP Web IDE in terms of pre-configured dev space, integrated terminal and productivity tools.



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