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Hello Everyone!

Let me start by thanking you for this wonderful opportunity. You already know my name. I've been working as a SAP Fiori/UI5 Consultant for about 1 years at Ahmedabad. During my years of experience, I have learned troubleshooting, execution, and team management, along with app development.

In this blog post, I will share a selection of valuable “assets” for anyone that is interested to know more about Business Application Studio.


This blog post provides details about beautify code of xml and javascript.
I hope you will find this helpful.


First of all need to open SAP BAS and how to open Please follow given link.
Open BAS


Select SAP Business Aplication Studio and click it



After Click on BAS you seen this type of screen and this time to need create dev space and give name. click on play button and wait until your your space status is running.

Create Dev Space and Open It



When your stat is running then click it on dev space name,after clicking you seen this screen.

open dev Spece appear this type of screen.



Select 6th option from side menu



SAP Business Aplication studio provide so many extention. select 6th option from side menu and open it. search for xml tools and install it.

Search XML Tools and Install it


After Open any XML or JAVAScript file


Now we need to see effact so press Shift+alt+f

Select Shift+alt+f

Don’t waste your time manually formatting your code. It takes time that can be better spent writing more code. Take advantage of the amazing modern tools out there and set up Prettier!

if you face any kind of issues executing these steps kindly comment it down here,

I am always ready to help!!

Thanks for reading!
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