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What happened?

Yesterday it was announced during SAP TechEd 2022 keynote a unification of solutions under the name SAP Build Work Zone, a new umbrella to hold all the "Central Entry Point" solutions:

  • SAP Launchpad service, now known as SAP Build Work Zone Standard Edition.

  • SAP Work Zone, now known as SAP Build Work Zone Advanced Edition.

  • And the addition of SAP Start, a new simplified Launchpad focus on Cloud solutions only.

There is currently an in-depth blog from aviad.rivlin explaining the details of each flavor, so I won't be going through each point here. What I want to do in this blog is to give you my perspective as an SAP Partner on what this means for all of us.

What does this mean to the community of customers/partners?

Since the release of SAP Work Zone in 2020 (currently known as SAP Build Work Zone Advanced Edition), I had been very interested in this solution since it provided a path to look forward to all those customers that needed a central entry point that allows richer content with a more immersive user experience. Similar to what we have with SAP Netweaver Portal in the on-premise world, but as many of you know it has been announced the date for the end of mainstream maintenance which lead us to start crafting a future-proof strategy.

With the newly announced offering, we can see that each of the existing solutions became more robust in terms of features and that there is a clearly defined path in terms of when to use each, and that we will be able to UPGRADE from one experience to the other, becoming more immersive and integrated with my system's landscape.

Having that in mind, a company could kick off its journey with SAP Start and give access to its users to SAP SuccessFactors. After a year add on-premise systems in a unified experience via the SAP Build Work Zone Standard Edition, to finally a few years later upgrade to SAP Build Work Zone Advanced Edition having a fully integrated HR Portal with rich content, MS Teams integration, multiple systems, etc. This is something that I had seen in many of my customers, starting small in their SAP BTP journey with different services, and as their organizations get more familiar with these technologies they increase their footprint.

Of course, this takes time but the sooner we start the easier it gets... This leads me to my next point! For a limited time, you will have the opportunity to experience these new solutions and features firsthand as Aviad and his team currently have a Beta Program for you to sign up. This program will allow you to try it out and provide feedback to the product team.

And interesting discussion

Since you are already here reading, why not watch a video of a very interesting conversation Aviad and I had about the different characteristics of each offering, demystifying some key questions and catching up on the current customers' demand - check it out!


The future is bright and we can make it even better together, all suggestions and comments are always welcome - I had been collaborating with Aviad and his team for many years and I can say they're great to work with. Join the Beta program and let's improve SAP Build Work Zone together.
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