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Hello All

This time i played around SAP Build tool and turned up with this blog.

Using SAP Build, We can design a prototype of our UI5 application based on requirement. No coding is required in using this. We can also import the project and proceed with the development in SAP WEB IDE.

I have explained about drag and drop controls, import data to SAP Build, map data based on data source within this blog surface

SAP Build service is available with Neo trial account. Please enable it.

Open Build next to above step.

Now login to SAP Build and below is the landing page. Click on Create new project.

Provide Project title, Description and choose for START WITH TEMPLATE

Give a prototype name and select the Freestyle template.

Click on Page1 template. here we do can add mutiple pages based on our requirement.

Drag and Drop StandardList control from the left panel.

To bind data to our control, I have maintained below data in excel and imported to SAP Build this way.

Once you imported file, we can see the corresponding fields names.

For mapping our data to UI control, choose file from right side panel.

Drag and Drop the fields to display the data.

We have an other way to fetch data to SAP Build. click on NEW DATA OBJECT and then Connect Data Source

Choose API of your own and repeat the data binding to our UI controls as above.

Output of my Build app.

Thank you for rendering. Keep me posted with comments.

BR//Dhanasupriya Sidagam
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