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Hello all,

The Context:

Our customer is using the Inbox solution from SAP Business Suite available on SAP Cloud Portal (Neo) to federate tasks from backend (ECC) and cloud application (like SAP Cloud Workflow).

The Issue:

Recently, we have experienced an issue with the new version of application cross.fnd.fiori.inbox (2.6.36 at the time I'm writing this post).

When clicking on the tile, the application opens with the following issue


The Analysis:

A network analysis (F12 in common browser) shows a 500 Internal Error.

So we have started to investigate in the backend with our service but nothing comes out of this investigation and everything was working fine:

  • No gateway error.

  • Service was working as expected when testing with /IWFND/GW_CLIENT.

So we went to the portal Service in SAP BTP Neo.

Under App Resources for the site with the tile MyInbox, you'll find the following

If you press on the version, it will open a popup where you'll be able to downgrade to an earlier version (2.5.29).

Once finished, publish your site again and voilà :). You should get back a functional inbox on your portal.


Wrapping up:

It looks like the latest version of the myInbox source provided by SAP might lead to unexpected issue. As for now, the solution (for us at least) was to downgrade the version on the portal.



If your inbox on SAP Cloud Portal is recently triggering an error, you might want to try to downgrade the cross.fnd.fiori.inbox source code to an earlier version


PS: all screenshots are my own and don't violate any copyright.
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