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Join SAP BTP Executive Summit

Calling all the SAP BTP evangelists & industry magnates! 🌟 Future-proof your enterprises with optimum agility! 🌟  

Announcing our SAP BTP Executive Summit for 2023 - September 14th in California & 21st in Philadelphia.  

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that will reshape your innovation, agility, and success perspective. Save the dates – September 14th & 21st, 2023 – as we invite you to join us for an exclusive one-day event that will revolutionize the future of enterprise agility! 🔥 

This event is tailor-made for tech visionaries, industry leaders, and experts steering the course of innovation & enterprise agility. Gain practical insights, strategies, and best practices to fortify your enterprises with unprecedented agility. 

We will see you next month... Be sure to Register & stay tuned to the latest updates!  

Chart a Course to Future-ready Enterprise Agility!  

We're thrilled to announce that Crave Infotech is proudly sponsoring this event! As a distinguished BTP gold partner, our involvement underlines our commitment to nurturing the BTP ecosystem. We're passionate about creating an environment of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Armed with our deep expertise in key BTP pillars - Extensibility, Integration, Sustainability, and Build - we look forward to insightful discussions and growth within the BTP community. 

Mingle & unwind. Grease the wheels of innovation. 

Modern-day businesses are going through a massive digital transformation through fast-evolving business models. At Crave, we understand that digital transformation is an ever-evolving quest to provide differentiating value to customers while being highly available. Through automation and integration, we're committed to driving innovation and agility. We're excited to be part of an event that will undoubtedly shape the future landscape of technology and business. 

Here's what's in store for you:  

  • Crave's SAP Process Automation Project: Get a sneak peek into how Crave Infotech expertly executed the SAP Process Automation Project to eliminate manual tasks, increase accuracy and add real-time visibility for a leading automobile company.   

  • Sustainability Solution: Take deep dive into Crave Infotech’s sustainable solution, Intelligent Ecological Balance Reporting and Analysis solution designed to reduce carbon footprint across diverse business verticals 

  • Maximize your BTP Capabilities: Uncover practical know-how on maximizing BTP capabilities for intelligent enterprises, side-by-side extensions, automation & more. 

  • ITK Migration: Discover practical insights on futureproofing your Integration plan with SAP Integration Suite for your heterogenous Customer landscapes.  

  • Leveraging Clean Core Approach: Be inspired and gain first-hand insights into Clean Core Strategy to ensure agility and scalability while preserving existing investments.  

🤝 Connect with Crave Infotech at the SAP BTP Summit: 

Curious about how to navigate the BTP landscape with finesse? Explore how Crave InfoTech's expertise translates into real-world successes across BTP's core pillars. The proof lies in the results. As a renowned BTP solution implementer, Crave InfoTech boasts decades of Industry and subject matter expertise in tackling key solution-enablement concepts that leverage SAP BTP to drive enterprise value. Here's why connecting with Crave at the summit is a must: 

🌟 Expertise Beyond Boundaries: Crave InfoTech's mastery over BTP's pillars – Extensibility, Integration, Sustainability, and Build – ensures you'll gain profound insights beyond the ordinary. 

🚀 Shared Business Challenges, Tailored Solutions: Experience a personalized touch as Crave addresses your business's challenges. Their solutions are born from experience and innovation. 

🏆 Showcasing Tangible Success: Witness firsthand how Crave InfoTech's expertise translates into real-world successes across BTP's core pillars through real-world use cases.  

💡 Practical Insights for All: Whether you're a leadership visionary or a hands-on practitioner, Crave's wisdom holds value for everyone. Discover insights that resonate with your role, leading you to new heights. 


Let’s embark on an authentic journey fueled by a shared passion for BTP excellence. Your exploration of BTP's possibilities starts with a conversation at the summit. 

Secure your spot now and prepare for a summit reshaping your perception of technology and business. For more details and registration, visit: SAP BTP Executive Summit 


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