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When I spotted this excellent blog post from alex.dong, I decided to give it a try and see for myself if I could easily connect BTP Document Management service to S/4Hana to store attachments outside of the database :

My goal was to get a document management system with WebDav capabilities to (hopefully) test if I could find a way to overcome this issue about Word templates that cannot be opened automatically from the browser since IE (and its ActiveX magic) has been retired :

So I read numurous articles and online help guides to follow his steps... and I also check a free version is available for test purposes :

DMS Free Tier availability from discovery center

Answer is YES, thank you SAP, so here I go : I create a BTP account, a subaccount, I enable cloud foundry environment, create a space, an instance, configure the entitlements, add the corresponding service, add roles, generate a service key, etc. (there are lots of steps).

Finally I'm stuck on the "repository on-boarding phase" :

The problem is : I can make an API call from Postman to DMS service in order to receive the Token needed for subsequent calls, but whenever I try to send the next request with this token, I receive the following response without further information : "Unauthorized". So I Google this issue, and do not find much solution except this blog post from maheshkumar.palavalli which is describing exactly what I'm trying to do:

  • "Step 3 - Get access token" => OK

  • "Step 3 - Create repository" => Always ends up with "Unauthorized"

So I spend the entire day trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong: I change the "bearer" parameter in Postman, I change the header, the body, everything, even stupid things. In the end I decide to scratch everything I did so far, and start all over again taking a closer look to every details. I'm convinced I might have marked the wrong checkbox at some point.

Today is another day : I read and thoroughly follow all guides from trusted sources. Same result. However after a deeper analysis of each and every screenshots I notice the URL I have in my service key contains "" which is different from "" I see in the available pictures... Interesting.

So I scratch everything again and on the first step (the one where you create a subaccount in BTP), I select a different region from before : I switch from Europe Frankfurt (closest to the place where I live) to USA... and the magic happens ! I notice immediately that a new service is available when configuring the entitlements : not only can I select "DMS integration option" but I can also add "DMS repository option" (which I thought was kind of included by default with the integration option -- but it's not). Wonderful.

This time I do not face any "unauthorized" issue in Postman, and my first repository is successfully created. I can feel it I'm almost there. Now all I need is to tell my S/4HANA system to use BTP DMS as a content server, and there's another very nice blog post about it from vkulkarni :

Everything is going well: I create the OAuth profile, start transaction OA2C_CONFIG (I decide to activate all SICF services for this one because I don't want to waste time trying to find what's missing on my sandbox system), create an RFC destination, customize tcode OAC0 and execute report CMIS_REPOSITORY_SETUP. This step takes a little bit of time but ends without any error and I can complete the installation process successfully by activating the storage category.


I'm thrilled and can't wait to test... but as the title of this blog suggests, it's not working. As soon as I add an attachment to any object, I'm facing a dump. So after another couple of hours of debug, I spot the error returned by BTP DMS service: "You've reached your 1000 limit calls, upgrade your subscription". So it looks like report CMIS_REPOSITORY_SETUP needs more than 1000 calls to setup the DMS instance, and I can't use it anymore.

Game over.
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