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Hey.. you might've used ABAP server so far for all of your business functionality developments.

so far.. simply, you go into SE38 and write code, like variable declaration, internal table, work areas.. then select data from various tables.. loop over the big internal table.. write some business logics inside loop.. aggregate data.. call BAPI... something like that!

Or create OData service, activate it in gateway.. build fiori/UI5 app and consume the data in NWGW environment itself.


And while writing code in OnPrem ABAP or NWGW system, you don't need to think of anything else other than just the core business logics, and other things like how the compiler compiles the code, where and how it get stored, how it serve to end users, how it's actually connects to the DB etc... all are invisible, handled by SAP itself. We generally don't care about that.


But in Cloud (BTP) world it's not the same! Fortunately or Unfortunately!

Why Fortunate: You get more flexible options to build applications. You will feel more power!

Why Unfortunate: May be, we need to learn little more things to take advantages of the flexible environment.
"with great power comes great responsibility"

That means, we definitely have to learn the baseline, fundamentals and architecture of BTP Cloud Environment, to start in this cloud world.

In this video, we will learn below points from Cloud Foundry perspective:

  1. Where to write the code in BTP

  2. How to get the code complied

  3. Where BTP will store our code

  4. How our code will connect to other interfaces like DB or anything else

  5. What is the internal mechanism to upscale the applications

  6. How end users will get access of the applications with security

All in very detailed format.

So why to wait!

Let's get started!!!


Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Thank you!
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