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Hi all,

have you ever had the problem that you have to check for null value parameters in SAP BPM mapping?

Please correct me if i did not find the right sap provided function for that but i think this is not possible?

We used to create a ejb mapping function with those generic SDOs etc. to check for null values...

But i think i found out a little gimmick to handle this null check in a "simple" expression.

Basically you have to create a own expression function (check for null string params):

then insert this expression:

if (numeric-equal(count((toBeChecked, "")), 1)) then true else false

This function generates a StringArray with my parameter that shall be checked and a empty string placeholder.

If any of the parameter is null, the array function will just ignore them. So if i do a count on it and the count is 1,

then this means my toBeChecked was null and i return true. Otherwise it was filled and and i return false.

This funny and sad at the sime time . Funny that it works and sad that i have no built in function for that.

Or is there any?

Have fun with it


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