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This article talks about some of the fixes and SAP BOBJ Troubleshooting tips and steps applied for common issues. It covers some common issues and bugs faced by the client and how these can be fixed. Please refer to a section further to find about details of the issue and the fixes we applied for the below issues:

  1. Opening a report gives an error “Following Database error occurred: The driver returned invalid SQL_DRIVER_ODBC_VER

  2. Error in exporting the file “Sorry Promotion Management application is unable to process your request” & HTTP STATUS 500 error

  3. Connection Error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN Contains an architecture mismatch between the driver and the application

  4. ERROR PublishingService: HandlerPool-Q Failed: The document’s serialization version is too recent.

  5. Publication not being able to schedule.

  6. Web application not opening in the browsers like Chrome and Firefox

  7. Home Page to point to the report folder.

  8. Saving in Favourite folder gives error

Though these fixes are applied for BOBJ 4.2 SPS6, but it should be valid on higher and slightly lower versions as well. Please read more to find out.

BOBJ troubleshooting Tips

1.      When opening a report error was displayed

Check for the error from the server when the connection does not connect

It was found that environment variables are missing as mentioned in KBA 2054721

The error “WIS 10901” and / or “IES 10901”, which is seen when refreshing or scheduling Web Intelligence reports, is a result of the Web Intelligence Processing Server indicating that the reporting database has returned a warning or error message.

The additional text and information returned with this error should provide a general idea on the issue. Frequent causes are:

  • Reporting database drivers not loaded or found

  • An error returned by the reporting database indicating a connection or other system issue

  • Network connectivity between the BI server and the reporting database

  • Incorrect SQL or MDX being passed to the reporting database.

  • Incorrect prompt values being passed to the reporting database.

We added the environment variable as below

Manually added the X86 variable in the new server

2.      Error in exporting from CMC console

Check that the all files and folders exported are not able to get exported

Ideally only the specific folder and its corresponding associated folder should be exported but with this error system tries to extract the entire universe and multiples it so it becomes a complicated structure.

If you notice all folders and Dashboards gets exported. We tried to uncheck the manage dependencies using “Manage dependencies” Option. However, before transporting the objects as it was wrongly linked to all objects and it this was getting all the dependent objects example Reports along with connection and universe.

All universe and folders seem to have been extracted. Multiple different errors were reported. When export was clicked 1st time below error came “Sorry Promotion Management application is unable to process your request”.

2nd time error: “Server encountered an internal error that prevented from fulfilling the request”

I found one note which talks about the same issue

2054164 – Promotion Management Job Failed with Error “CE SDK Exception occurred (FWM 04002)”

In Promotion Management, when promoting a job, some reports are promoted successfully, some reports failed to be promoted. Destination system’s Job Server logs record the following error message:

ImportFailedcom.businessobjects.sdk.biar.BIARException$SDKException: CE SDK Exception occurred : ‘Could not open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\FileStore\Input\a_100\025\000\6500\~ce298878651ad08f3-xguid[ayzwtr3xcfhgvfb7gy0xnuw]-xguid[ayrdeyhjk5zfvp_fssq6kdi]-xguid[addxhzuqgb5ajssrfodtrza]-guid[cbf10de2-3f98-48b5-90c1-b90f112e8205d].wid.’ (FWM 04002)

Job promotion failed due to: com.businessobjects.lcm.utilities.LCMException: com.businessobjects.lcm.utilities.LCMException: com.businessobjects.sdk.biar.BIARException$SDKException: CE SDK Exception occurred : ‘Could not open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\FileStore\Input\a_100\025\000\6500\~ce298878651ad08f3-xguid[ayzwtr3xcfhgvfb7gy0xnuw]-xguid[ayrdeyhjk5zfvp_fssq6kdi]-xguid[addxhzuqgb5ajssrfodtrza]-guid[cbf10de2-3f98-48b5-90c1-b90f112e8205d].wid.’ (FWM 04002)

The failed report(s) may show up in the destination CMC, but viewing the report results in the following error message:

The document cannot be retrieved from the File Repository Server (WIS 30951). Following the file path in the FRS, the report does not exist on the file system


In Windows, the file path length has a limitation of 255 characters. If the report’s file path in the FRS is longer than the limit, the BI Platform will not be able to read it.

The root cause of this issue is:

In BI Platform there’s a feature called “Hot Backup”. The details can be found in the BI Platform Administrator Guide. This feature injects a parameter into the report file path due to potential existence of several files, for example•

When the report was first created, the file path is similar to: frs://Input/a_086/031/000/8022/109c80f5d75efcc.rpt

After a promotion from one system to another, the Hot Backup feature adds the -guid parameter to the file path: frs://Input/a_054/029/000/7478/109c80f5d75efcc-guid[aqvs6pvpgfpiifitbpmk6ns].rpt if the report is promoted through multiple systems, it will have multiple -guid parameter added to its file path. Eventually it gets longer than the limit.


In order to successfully promote those failed report(s), you should:

  1. Re-create them on the source BI Platform system

  2. Save them as new reports so they get new file paths.

  3. Promote them again to destination

So we opened the dashboard again and saved them in a new path and then tried to export them and the job completed successfully to export the data out.

To avoid this issue from happening again:

Move the default filestore location to another place which has a shorter path. By default the filestore is located under (C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\FileStore), it already has 90 characters in it. You can move it to the root of your disk drive (e.g. C:\filestore) to allow more space for the report file names. Please refer to KBA 1910348 for the step-by-step instructions on how to move the filestore.

We advised client to follow the best practice to use Promotion Management. If you have 3 BI Platform system, DEV, QA, and PROD:

  • Develop report on DEV

  • Promote report from DEV to QA for testing

  • Once testing is done, promote the report directly from DEV to PROD, instead of from QA to PROD.

By doing so, the report filename will get modified at most once, so it is less likely that the file name will go over the limit

3.      Error related to editing in the SAP BOBJ designer

When trying to connect to the designer got an error which says “The specified DSN contains an Architecture mismatch between the driver and Application”

Fix applied for the above issue had the below steps we followed:

  • Added 32 Bit Driver for Teradata. This was a driver issue.

4.      FTP issue reported when scheduling the report from CMC

FTP issue was reported when the reports were being scheduled.

Error message said: “The document serialization version is too recent Error WIS 30915”

We have added FTP server as below to fix the issue as it was not enabled

  1. Go to Servers

  2. Go to servers list

  3. Select Server and go to Destinations

  4. Select File system > FTP server

  5. Click on Add

  6. Save and close.

This setting would enable FTP and then you could schedule your report.

5.      Publication not being able to schedule from CMC

Scheduling the publication was not working as the user tried to schedule the publication but it did not work and went to status Pending or Failed.

If you are not able to schedule the publication then you may need to check your email settings, Go to Destination and save your SMTP settings

Status now shows as success after the fix was implemented.

6.      Error Application->Web Intelligence is not opening in the browser

Below error when clicked on Web intelligence

Below error are reported as seen below: Web intelligence applet cannot be loaded please make sure you have installed a Java virtual Machine

As mentioned in note 2536934 Microsoft Edge do not (and will not) support any plugin (Flash, Java Applet,…). Same as Chrome. And Firefox will follow the same path.

Hence the error is seen when using chrome or any other browser other than IE.

Excerpts from the note added below

7.      Home page to point to reports folder

Issue details: After log in cursor should be on Reports Folder and all system folders should be invisible for normal users, now it is on home tab. (snapshot is attached)

Maintain a preference setting as seen below

Please change preferences to launch the report section as needed below is where the setting can be maintained

If this needs to be maintained for all users go to users and Groups and right click on the specific user group or user and go to “BI Launch Pad Preferences”

Select specific folder you would like to add as a default home page view.

This sets the home page setting for the users.


8.      Save in Favourite folder gives error.

Below error reported when trying to save in favourites folder again it gave a similar error as before

“Document serialization version is too recent……..”

Issue was fixed by following the below steps in the note:

2076988 – Error: The document’s serialization version is too recent (Error: WIS 30915) while saving a webi report with webi rich client. Excerpts from the note as below

SAP BOBJ Troubleshooting tips Summary

To summarize most of the settings can be controlled via CMC or BI console. There are notes which can be found in the marketplace that lists the limitation if the issue cannot be solved. If you setup a new system be careful to apply the environment variables correctly depending on the system BOBJ connects with.

Hope this article explaining SAP BOBJ Troubleshooting tips was found useful to help in fixing some common errors faced during the implementation and support of SAP BOBJ product.


Note the original article was published in the link below.
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