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Author: Angel Jeyarani

Company: NTT DATA Global Delivery Services Limited

Author Bio:

Angel Jeyarani is a Principal Consultant at NTTDATA Global Delivery Services Limited from SAP Analytics Practice

This SCN provides  SAP Notes to avoid the issues in SAP BO 4.0 and SAP Design Studio 1.4 after migration of BW system from 7.0 to 7.4 on top of HANA

Problem Statement 1

Zero Suppression is not  working in the cross table layout which has currency Key Figure (USD) after BW 7.4 migration



We have a cross table report built on top of Bex queries. The report shows the USD measure values for each fiscal period. We have also created a formula on top of these USD key figures in the WEBI report and used in the layout.

In the output, we have enabled the zero suppression in Bex queries and also in WEBI report.

This layout doesn’t throw any error before BW migration. Now we are unable to do Zero suppression in WEBI report as it throws either #UNAVAILABLE or #TOREFRESH error in the layout


After upgrade, while refreshing the report which has USD key figures, we got #TOREFRESH error in the header

Right click on the table as shown below to see the detail of the error. Click on Format Table option

Check the below two check boxes.

#UNAVAILABLE Error appears for all the measures which are having USD key figures.

The Solution

SAP has provided an OSS note OSS Note 0002152440 and 0002225806 to overcome the issue after Upgrade

USD key figure aggregation has been changed from delegate to Sum.

Problem Statement 2

There is a problem with list of values (F4) after upgrade of the BW system 7.0 to 7.4 on top of HANA


If the variable has default values in the Bex query, it is showing that particular value alone in the filter and not the complete list. This also happens while refreshing the WEBI report.

For design Studio dashboard, the property of the object “Posted values from info provider” was not set even after setting the property in Bex queries. Hence it will show all the values from Master data which results in error/repeated values in the dashboard

The Solution

SAP has provided an OSS note OSS Note 2107060 to overcome the issue after Upgrade


SAP BO 4.0

SAP Design Studio 1.4

SAP BW 7.4 on top of HANA

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