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While working with BO 4.0 SP 6 publication feature, I faced issues and learned below tips and troubleshooting about publication. I hope this will help you too while working with publication with BO 4.0 Webi Intelligence

1. Only publication allows you to use %SI_STARTDATE% placeholder in the email destination even though it’s not displayed in the list of placeholders provided by BO 4.0 for scheduling( direct schedule or for publication).

2. Only publication allows to send report tab as email body (report tab embedded in email body) using email as destination and mHTML as format.

3. You can embed only one report tab contents as an email body for Webi Reports with destination selected as “Email”, only option to show all tab data in email as mHTML is to have all the tables in single tab.

4. For Desktop Intelligence documents, you can embed the content of one report tab or all report tabs from a single document in an email.

5. If you try to create a publication object without Enterprise recipient and schedule to an Email Destination, you will get the state success but no email is sent to mail addresses.

6. If you mention more than one Enterprise recipient for a publication, it will send the scheduled report that many multiple times to all the recipients, hence always use one Enterprise recipient when you have email destination.

7. Usually we add the objects on a report (tables, free cells, etc. in the order we want display them and this works fine with when we send report as excel attachment to email destination or as pdf.

However, for mHTML the order is a key thing to display the objects in correct position when it’s opened in Outlook 2010 and above. To handle this, click on the “Document Structure and Filters” option – click on the object you want to change order and select “Order”. Select the option like “Send Back”, “Send Forward”, “Send Front” or Send Backward” based on how you want to show them in email.

Hope you will find this helpful.

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