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This was one of the first ASUG sessions at ASUG Annual Conference last week.

Figure 1: Source: Thomas Kuruvilla

We had a full room last week at the SAP BI Strategy and Roadmap session.  ty.miller, one of the SAP Speakers, obtained more chairs so more people could attend.

Figure 2: Source: SAP

The usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.  My personal disclaimer is these are my notes (over a week old) as I heard them.

BI Trends

Companies want to be more agile.  We can store more data using Hadoop and deploy faster to the Cloud.  There is more data to store including unstructured text and video. Enterprise software needs to catchup to consumer-like software like Google Maps.  “Analytics help people use data to make better decisions”.  Next trends in BI includes internet of things and machines.

SAP BI Strategy

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows the SAP strategy of simplifying the landscape

Figure 4: Source: SAP

On the bottom right of Figure 4 SAP said “Office Integration” will remain named Analysis Office.

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows the simplification of the landscape, with faster deployment on the Cloud platform.  On the right there is access to more analytics using more devices.  With SAP HANA there is a platform for both transactional and analytical processing.

Figure 6: Source: SAP

The core includes Enterprise BI on the BI platform, Agile BI to include “trusted data discovery”

Cloud is a strategic focus for SAP

Big data is also important with Hadoop support

Figure 7: Source: SAP

Figure 8: Source: SAP

Figures 7 and 8 are planned for the future

Figure 9: Source: SAP

Figure 9 explains what plans for Lumira Server for Teams, including Mobile BI Support and data blending.

Figure 10: Source: SAP

Figure 10 shows Linux support is coming for Lumira Server for BI Platform.

Figure 11: Source: SAP

Figure 11 shows at a high level planned innovations for Design Studio

Figure 12: Source: SAP

Figure 12 starts the discussion for BI4.2 with themes of simplify, enhance, extend with quality underneath.

Figure 13: Source: SAP

Figure 13 shows simplify, with many of us looking for a “reduced downtime for patch upgrade”.  Support for linked universes is coming.  SAP is looking to lower barriers to upgrades/migrations

Figure 14: Source: SAP

The authored UNX universe for BEx queries came up in another session

The plan is to make auditing consistent

Figure 15: Source: SAP

Lumira support on Android is planned.  I did hear last week a lot of "BI on BI" for admins.


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