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This was an SAP EMEA webcast yesterday.  The Cloud for Analytics part was only 30 minutes so my notes are brief


The usual legal disclaimer applies:

Figure: 1 Source: SAP

Figure 2: Source: SAP


This has been the statement from SAP “Innovate the core, lead in the cloud”


This was launched at SAP TechEd in November


This was previously known as Project Orca


It is brand new, built for cloud, software as a service offering – all analytics for users – not just BI, EPM, planning, in one unified platform


Today includes both BI and Planning


In the future will expand into predictive and GRC


Can build apps on top of it, such as Digital Boardroom, using a touch screen interface


Can connect in the cloud and on premise

Figure 3: Source: SAP


You don’t need to buy HCP first


You can’t run on premise


You can only run on HCP


Core Capabilities Today

Figure 4: Source: SAP


Can query online mode or acquisition – acquire in own engine


Acquisition – load into Cloud for Analytics – Google Drive, Salesforce, and HCP


Can connect to on premise, HANA< BW, BPC, CSV, Excel


On premise – you install Cloud Connector in your firewall

Figure 5


It is similar to Lumira, has data manipulation types, prepare for visualization

Figure 6: Source: SAP


Easy to create charts, combine in single sources, blend data sources together

Figure 7: Source: SAP


No ESRI license required


Click on draw, and draw shape you want


Not limited to predefined regions


Use points of interest features


Can analyze routes and networks

Figure 8: Source: SAP


Can share with others


Feeds into planning capabilities

Figure 9: Source: SAP


You can pin your item to the home screen as shown in Figure 9

Figure 10: Source: SAP


Figure 10 shows an "Explorer-like" capability, interactively as you go

Figure 11: Source: SAP


Figure 11 shows financial planning features, with an Excel style interface, analyze in a pivot table style


Figure 12: Source: SAP


Collaboration for events, create on a calendar, and other features are shown in Figure 12


Digital Boardroom

Drive strategic meetings – any meeting where data is important and needs to be presented

Figure 13: Source: SAP


The Digital Boardroom provides supporting information for a meeting, including an Agenda builder, three touch screens


Organize into a meeting agenda


Built on Cloud for Analytics

Figure 14: Source: SAP


Available as an add-on application


Future plans

New application, evolving rapidly


In the cloud, able to deliver updates and new features faster than on premise


SaaS – when new features are developed you don’t worry about upgrading and patches, new features are available


Short timeline – in coming weeks and months


New release every 2 weeks

Figure 15: Source: SAP


Enhanced data connectivity – expect data sources for universes


Data transformation, loading larger data sets and improve visualizations

Figure 16: Source: SAP


Integrate directly into the application


Will release SDK’s and API’s; working on mobility support

Figure 17: Source: SAP


Exploratory analytics is planned


Look at historical data, what is driving KPI’s to drive your business


Still in development, early


Subject to change


Expect to see in next few months


Question & Answer

Q: What does HCP stand for?

A: HANA Cloud Platform


Q: Acquire from just NW BPC or MS BPC

A: both are supported


Q: Universe connection?

A: Planned for later this quarter


Q: geo – just for North America?

A: covers the world


Q: Can you do what if planning in Digital Boardroom?

A:  Yes, and plan to release unique visualization for Digital Boardroom


Q: connection overlap between Cloud for Analytics and BI portfolio

A: envision Cloud for Analytics to be a complete analytics solution and still maintain on premise solution

Focus on data interoperability – access universes for example

Won’t publish Web Intelligence documents in the cloud


ASUG has a webcast next week on Digital Boardroom - you can register here.

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