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Solution Manager executes a variety of activities that require a connection to the SAP Support website. Including opening OSS Incidents and updating maintenance licenses on managed systems. When executing the guided procedure System Preparation within SOLMAN_SETUP you must supply solution manager with an S-user that will be used for these activities. This is done in step 3.1 RFC Connectivity, screen shot below for reference.

Due to this I always recommend that a client creates a user just for solution manager. If the user is shared with anything else and the password is changed, the functionality within solution manager that relies on this S-User will be broken. This requirement always leads to the question, what authorization does the user require.

Below is a list of the authorization required at a minimum for solution manager to function properly with the SAP Back-end.


  • Report an Incident

  • Close Incidents

  • Send Incidents to SAP

  • Display System Data

  • Edit My Login Data

  • Edit All Login Data

  • Edit System Data

  • Manage Installations

  • Request License Key


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