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With the advent of technology, the human mind is constantly in search of ways and methods that would reduce the efforts spent on achieving a task.

In SAP, we have developed quite a number of automation tools, also called BOTs(Robots), to deliver our work in a simpler manner, with reduced time and error free deliverable. These are basically software products, that ease your daily routine at work.

This Blog post explains, the tools developed by us with some technical insights about them. I would explain few of the tools that are commonly used in Implementation, Development and Support projects, in different parts.

Let’s begin learning the tools, with the technical insights on each one of them.

                    Batch Job Monitoring Tool

Have you ever come across the pain areas of monitoring the batch jobs specially if you are working for a support project?

Well, undoubtedly every person who is in charge of monitoring the batches, would wish if there could have been a magic wand that he/she would spin and … BINGO !!! there it is …the list of all the jobs that needed attention with a click of a finger.


The design of the tool goes as below, how every part of the tool look like and the outcome of the tool to the end users.

The display output of the jobs will be a list of the desired jobs that needed monitoring.

We also have Email alert that would reach the concerned users and would be in a dashboard format.

Now to design this, we have designed the user input screen, based on our vast customer requirements, to make it more interactive and simple.

  1. We have 4 radio buttons as – Batch Job Monitoring, Cutoff Mails, Send mail after release job finished and Long running jobs check respectively.

  2. For every radio button, the corresponding user input screen opens up.

  • The Cutoff mails screen – 

  • The Send mail after release job finished screen – 

  • Long running jobs check screen –


You can further edit the Email content that would be sent to the concerned person. When you click on the Email Content entry on the right hand side, it displays a text editor with the default Email content that could be edited further, before sending it to the user.


Enhanced functionality of the tool:-

Cut off Mails : If jobs are not completed by cut off time, then we can send the cut off mails to business as well as to the monitoring team to take the appropriate actions.

Mails after Release : Once all released jobs are completed, we can inform the business via Email.

Long Running job check : If jobs are active for a long time, we can send the reminder to the team to take appropriate actions via Email.

Email edit control : We can modify the email subject & body as per our convenience.

Now, I hope that my tool will help you with simplified batch monitoring in your respective projects.

I would explain another automation tool that will come handy in your SAP project.

Your feedback and improvement ideas are always welcome!
Regards, M.Dey.
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