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After GUI 740, it is not possible to have password field enabled in SAP shortcut so passwords cannot be saved. The reg values doesn't create if you run "sapshcut.exe -register". I also tried inserting "EnablePassword" string value manually in registry, but no luck.
So after little research I came with this another approach of automatic SAP login using batch files. But please be aware that login information is stored in a BAT file which is not encrypted and can be used to gain unauthorized access.

In my case, I have 3 clients for one SAP system,  one client is for development and 2 for Unit testing. Because of this such landscape, I could not use GuiXT effectively so I found this way of using batch file much better for such scenarios.


1. Create a folder where you want to store all login files (batch file).
2. In that folder, create a text file and put this code into it

start sapshcut -sysname=xxx -client=xxx -user=xxxxxx -pw=xxxxxxxx

sysname = system ID in logon pad
pw = password

(more info on parameters can be found on run --> sapshcut.exe /? )

3. Once done, save this file and change file name to <SYSID_CLIENT>.BAT and change save as type to 'all files(*)'.

4. We are done !!!.. just double click on the batch file and no need to remember any system details from now on 🙂

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