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SAP Australia User Group National Summit (nicknamed SAUG Summit) took place last week in Sydney.  I was asleep during most of the event - so what happened?  Taking the easy route, I reused what I created here: Following SAP Inside Track Joinville with Twitter

I changed the connection on the previous document.

SAP Lumira Desktop tells me the connection was updated

When I go into the SAUG document, I am prompted for re-mapping.  I can remove extraneous field.

The visualizations are updated - and of course, the event being held in Australia most tweets are in English, but this is the first time I've seen en-gb (Great Britain English)

The above shows chris.paine had the most tweets at 104.

The top time zone of the tweets, as expected, is Sydney as the event was held there.  Pacific time zone was high as that this the time zone of the SAP Mentors

The above chart shows an outlier account

The "story" in Lumira is shown above.  I didn't create any new stories or visualizations, I just reused what I did for SAP Inside Track Joinville.

The top favorited tweet is below (favorited 15 times):

Top retweeted tweet at 13:

The second top retweeted tweet at 10 retweets is as follows:

To learn more about Lumira attend this hands-on session next week at the ASUG SAP Analytics BusinessObjects Conference.

Also see Add these SAP Lumira Sessions at #SABOUC ASUG Conference in Austin

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