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Source: SAP

Presenter reena.sethy  is SAP Director for Product Management for Mobile Analytics

Source: SAP

SAP's legal disclaimer applies

Source: SAP

SAP's vision to become a data driven enterprise; SAP Analytics Cloud is at the center

Source: SAP

SAP supports both iOS and Android

Android - access with responsive layout, with SAC stories only

Source: SAP

Content types supported include Digital Boardroom presentations (iOS)

Analytics Designer is planned for future

Support on premise and cloud data sources

Source: SAP

The high level architecture is shown above

Support both acquired and live connections

SSO available

Source: SAP

Design tips for mobile device

Use responsive layout to consume once and use everywhere

Grid and canvas layout are not supported

On a tablet, one lane stays together; number of lanes depends on tablet size

If you want to group things together, stay in a lane

Use device preview when design stories to see how it looks like in different form factors; can change fonts during device preview

Business content and samples are shipped and can use these as a reference when create content; look at SAP Best Run travel and Concur travel samples


Fast track customers can access new application

QRC customers will see in Q2

Source: SAP

Newly released

Requires Android 9 or later version

Android device needs at least 4GB RAM

Supported devices are shown above

Source: SAP

Android uses same responsive layout that iOS uses

Drill up and down on visualizations, filter, sort, choose different charts to go to full view mode

Source: SAP

"easy access to users" to access stories any time, anywhere

SSO to underlying data source such as HANA/BW through certificates

Access saved bookmarks

Default view when app launches to focus on specific stories

Source: SAP

Create own application password; additional security feature.  Can disable it

Source: SAP

Since it is first release, a few limitations exist

QRC release will have the new home screen

Don't support geo maps yet, localization (not in Fast Track)

Localizations coming in QRC

Source: SAP

Supports iOS/iPad

Recommend high wifi connection

Recommend 2GB RAM


Source: SAP

Intuitive home screen

User can have own favorite content

Source: SAP

Newly released, search to insight on iOS

Ask questions in natural language

Suggests some pre-recommendations for you

Can access offline, keeps last 10 search queries

Source: SAP

Share insights with team, annotate and share through email

Collaboration  - could chat with users, share stories

Source: SAP

Can access geo maps with Chloropleth map

Source: SAP

Can use TouchID and FaceID to logon; makes it convenient

Source: SAP

Enhanced security

SAP DataVault with mobile security; key is generated at run time

In memory - use device database

Source: SAP

SDK provides additional ways of customizing

Android - will create one in the future.

Question & Answer

Q: live stories with live connections are supported in the Android app, as well as SSO?

A: that's right

Q: Enter server url is coming while opening app. Pls help which url to enter.

A: This would be the SAC server URL that you have license to use

Q: Hi..I tried to use Android app but I received the message "The version of SAC server is not supported by Android application Please update the server"

The minimum version of SAC supported is 2020.03, please check your tenant version..If its a quarterly update tenant, you would be able to connect after the Q2 QRC release

what is needed?

A: SAC 2020.03 and beyond version

Q: Which version of SAc supports android?

A: SAC 2020.03 minimum

Q: Where can we access the Android Application for download?

A: Search 'SAP Analytics Cloud' in the Google Play store..

Q: pls let us know what is responsive layout with respect to crystal layout

A: there are different layout options available when you are designing a SAC Story in the SAC web application, responsive layout is the default layout and its supported on mobile.

Q: So for SAC version 2020.2.12, this feature is not yet available? Will be available in Q2 only?

A: Thats right, looks like your tenant is a QRC would be able to connect after the Q2 QRC update

Q: This app came in 2020?

A: android app came in 2020 Feb end..

Q: do we have a place where we can see the features and what is available / not available in iOS and Android in a matrix fashion?

A: yes, its included as one of the links in the presentation material

Q: It means, we need to create different stories for ios & android devices? as all the ios functionality is not available for android

A: You don't need to create different stories, depending on which device you are accessing it from, some of the features would not be available

Q: can I type in Hindi?

A: We would be supporting localisation in the Q2 QRC release, so you can access the app UI and the user input text like chart title, story title etc in Hindi as well

Q: my iphone is 12.4.1

A: you can use the app, there could be in some cases issues on Hana live connections, so we recommend iOS 13

Q: Is Search to Insight for android also supported for live connections?

A: S2I for android is not yet available

Comment: seems more friendly with IOS

A: Its more than 2 years i think that we have the iOS app, so its a bit ahead than the newly released Android app

Q: geomaps are accessible from iOS and not Android?

A: yes, its a limitation in Android, we are working on providing this capability in future..

Resource links

Feature Matrix for iOS
Feature matrix for Android
Refer latest mobile roadmap for updates on upcoming features

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