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Figure 1 Source SAP
A low code development environment within SAC
Use scripting, eventing, to customize and implement widgets, different pages, interactions
Create planning applications
Integrate smart insight, discovery
Embed analytical app to 3rd party apps

Custom widget capability - build your own widget

Reuse capability - reuse once; like composite concept in Lumira Designer

Content network - download samples to your tenant

Today mobile ready for iOS; planned for Android

Figure 2 Source SAP

Able to prepare invisible widget in background; speed start up performance

Figure 3 Source SAP
Set property as mobile enabled at design time - to ensure app is suitable for mobile devices

Figure 4 Source SAP
CSS feature is an advanced feature

Figure 5 Source SAP
Performance feature
Use cases are shown above
Set a reference line, collapse hierarchy - pause, control when widget can be refreshed
First pause, then refresh for all settings at once

Figure 6
Data change insight to GA in Q1
Auto compare snapshots of application, detect most important changes
"top customer has changed" - visualize or sent to inbox

Future direction - Mobile on Android devices

Custom widget - data access, theming, bookmarks

Composite - enable app developer to create reusable parts

Three areas

1. Performance, scalability
2. Enterprise readiness
3. Enable developer to quickly create develop applications



Q: Can you please differentiate between Fiori apps made using UI5 and Fiori apps by Analytics Designer?

A: With UI5 you need to create your components like table, chart etc. all from scratch. With analytics designer we provide you different set of components and script APIs to enable you to do a "low-code" development. UI5 development is a kind of "high-code" development.

Q: How is Analytics Designer different from Application Designer?

A: Analytic designer is the capability in SAC. Analytic applications are the artifacts created by analytic designer.

Q: Does Analytics designer app can be seen on mobile? If yes, how as we use sap.ui.tables?

A: Analytic application created by SAC analytics designer can be consumed by SAC Mobile iOS app, and can also be consumed in safari browser on iPad

Link to this replay can be found at (login is required)


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