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This was an ASUG webcast last week covering what SAP has done inside SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for the table.  Another nice surprise was SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office, was demo'd/covered too.

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Register here - open to all!


For background please see this blog by steffen.heine who was one of the webcast speakers.

Source: SAP Figure 1
Fast track

How to make tables as beautiful as possible in SAC

Source: SAP Figure 2

Table is not scrolling, click inside, then you could scroll

New - Beta Table checkbox (builder) - available for table widgets, responsive or canvas page
Cleans table
Makes row heights consistent
Have a nice table grid
Responsive check mark - handles column width for you; fits columns in as best as possible

Lazy loading - load data in background just when it is needed to make scrolling experience smooth

Context menu, right click, have functions, set drill level

For versions - have several functions

Row height adjustment is available on table properties

Figure 3: Source SAP
Different topic, an extension to table: SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for MS Office
No installation is required for this product as it is deployed via cloud
Excel look and feel to enrich data
Used by power user for planning/reporting
Use Excel features - formulas, VBA, and macros

In beta now, GA is planned for May
Excel online
Add in his there
Get it via central deployment

Get updates automatically
Limited to data acquired model
Working on live model for future

Work with hierarchies

Time, dimension, production
Choose flat presentation

Can jump to desktop app from Excel online

Above video is what I tried to demo, attempting to repeat what SAP's alexander.peter showed.
Go to Excel online
Add-in is already there
Get it by central deployment
Activate once, get updates automatically
Limited to data acquired models; working on live connections
Search for model
insert to grid/sheet
side panel opens; filter
work with hierarchies, add new dimensions
Can jump to desktop app from Excel online
Insert Excel formulas
Go back
Excel experience with data, to analyze better and deeper

Figure 4: Source: SAP
Style - for designer, creating stories, analytical apps in SAC

Style in the web; sometimes tricky
For the designer, creating stories in SAC

4 templates - stylinging panel, at top
Report Styling template is IBCS certified

Figure 5
New default template has report styling template features, with clear lines

Figure 6
When you are in the table, it detects where you are at - "data region" and can easily change the styling

Figure 7
Ad hoc styling allows for selected cells - interesting! Performance implications, however, and speaker advised to have fewer style rules

Different regions, dimensions, whole columns or rows can be selected

Can also use thresholds for styling; at data level

Q: Explorer facet view, how can it be more powerful
A: Working on that strategy

Q: Beta for MS office add-in
A: Will reach GA soon, will have focus on write back for planning

Q: Can you save templates and reuse?
A: Is there a need? SAP hasn't heard interest in this

Valuable session; available in Wave 05 in tenant
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