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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) has extensive collaboration capability.  It has approval strategy inbuilt. It has used  existing stories to generate a specific managed contribution process workflow. It is also having In-process ability to reassign or forward responsibility to other users. Controller can easily Submit, approve, and track the plan via a hierarchical business process.

In this blog it is shown to have Planning activity approval using workflow  between Controller and Planner .


Detailed Process:


1. We have Story with BI model for Operating Income. Controller need to embed plan for 2022.


2. For this first a Private version need to create.  This private version will be share to Planner for change or add expenses planning.



3.  Then need to  create  a Input Task.


4.  Select the Substitute of the same region.


5 . Select the person. Here controller will select the planner responsible for Operating Income .



6. Click on Send .

7. Select Publish All.

8.  Notification will show to Notification Panel of  Assignee /Planner .


9.   After click on notification, Assignee received the Planning story, Assignee need to take action. Planner will check the Then Planner will add/modify expenses as she planned.


10.  Assignee change the Planning data highlighted.



11. After changes, Assignee  have to submit with comment.

12.  Now Controllers will get the notification that  he need to do review it.


13. After that Controller  will decide to Approve or Reject. Here it is approved.



14.  After approve, status will change to Accomplished .


15.  Assignee will get notification about the status. In this case it is Approved and Accomplished  .


Approval process workflow completed. In this blog , quiet simple scenario described. Generally most of the time after lots of  rejection, the Story got approved and published.

Have Fun.....
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