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Implement SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Adhoc functions :: Create a Plan version from Actual and Adhoc Assign Distribution of value, Create Variance , Mass Data Entry.

In this scenario we will create a Plan data for 2024 from  Actual data of 2023 by creating a story in SAC and Assign Distribution of product values from one product to another , Create Variance , Mass Data Entry to product .

Using SAC business user can directly import account data and create plan data over periods applying basic calculation.

1.We have created a model with all the data with Actual version mapping for Actual Data of products with a classical account model.


2. Create a Story based on the created planning model which will show the actual data in a Story for 2023.Then copy the data and create a planning model for 2024. Then by Adhoc manipulate the data .

Note : In this Adhoc process we copying the one version data to another version using Copy from version Management.

Same this we can do using data action and schedule it as needed which is preferable.


At the initial stages the Story will look like this -



A. Now Create a private plan version from Actual data by copying the original . Go to Version Management and copy the original from 2023 Actual to Plan for 2024 -


B. You can see the Plan data for 2024 has been generated with the same data from 2023 actual. Now we can do Adhoc operations like mass data entry, Distribution of valued from one product o another to finalize plan to achieve the target. This I will discuss in the next steps.

C. Adhoc Distribution of values : Now think the scenario that value of the element product  "Mountain" in Q2 need to be Adhoc distributed among others -



Note : In this Adhoc Distribution process we distributing  one element value from one to another element as per busines need.

Same this we can using normal way creating Distribution type and then do creatin  data action and add to the data action which is preferable. We will do it latter.

Before Distribution -

After Adhoc Distribution -

This is Adhoc distribution. You can distribute Date wise also like Q2 product into Q4 and others.

D. Defining Adhoc Variance calculation : Suppose we need to calculate the variance between the planned and the actual value. We can do it by creating calculated column.


E. Define the Adhoc Graph to visualize the difference and define the threshold : 


3. Budget and Forecast Data : Now loaded some budget and forecast data and mapped to budget and forecast Version and then create Story using that versions. and change the data by Adhoc as described above.

A. Mapping to Budget and Forecast Data :

While import map the Forcast data and Budget data and forecast data to respective version in the wrangling screen.


B. Create the story in add both Budget and Tabular format and we will find the difference between the Actual and Budget Adhoc calculation , In cell chart.


For Forcast we will use a dedicated layout where after a define date( Cutover date) the forecast Data will be displayed along with Actual Data.

C : We can also enable the Validation rule and define validation also like below - 



Validation rule used to filter in or cleanse the data.

Note : The data I used from SAP sample data.

Hope this will help.
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