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Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Legal disclaimer applies; things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

Self-service data discovery, mobile consumption on the go; broaden reach of SAP Analytics

Hybrid strategy to leverage things like SAP HANA

Source: SAP

Leverage your HANA investment; get the maximum benefit of data and data security

Source: SAP

Content is free, help jumpstart your projects

Comes as part of SAP Analytics Cloud subscription

Source: SAP

Live - direct consumption of views without modeling

Keep data secure behind a firewall

You do not need to replicate data

Reuse authorization concept

Data import - extending use case beyond what live connect can, such as predictive, planning

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Browser - where everything is brought together and rendered

Recommend using direct live connection

Guided play list is available

By end of year, will deprecate reverse proxy for new tenants going forward

Recommend CORS going forward for live connectivity

Source: SAP

Using public wifi, reverse proxy + CORS (reverse proxy in DMZ to safely publish on premise to internet)

Source: SAP

Generic OData connector

Last month released a simplified deployment kit - simple installer, has component - TomCat, Connector + Cloud Agent - one simple app to download

Source: SAP

Recommends SAP HANA 2.0

Source: SAP

Data import requirements are looser

Source: SAP

App Design, planned GA end of this year

Targeted towards power user, professional designers

Integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud

Data Connections, visualizations, they are fully available as part of experience

Version 1 release will have widgets, such as dropdown, customize through scripting

App Design is being built by Lumira Design team

Source: SAP

What is an app and why do I need one?

Applications are intended to be created by a few experts and consumed by many

Build standard content through reusable components

Appeals to design professionals

Source: SAP

Story versus app

Source: SAP

Outside of BI, available now as part of SAP HANA Live Connections

Search to insight - "smart assist features" - the beginning of integration of machine learning capabilities

Works for English only

Audible questions planned next year

Source: SAP

Blended join at the visualization layer, primary with secondary, common linked dimensions

Source: SAP

Available in guided playlist

Source: SAP

How blending happens - HANA with Excel

Source: SAP

Custom sort - requires HANA 2.0

Source: SAP

Show all countries with revenue over $10M - logically at each level - story to page to widget

Source: SAP

Concatenate, grouping together

Source: SAP

Granularity with time

Source: SAP

Date calculations

Source: SAP

Evaluate best practices with HANA calc view design

Source: SAP

Visualize aggregated data where possible; detailed information goes to another page (use hyperlink) - reduce clutter

Source: SAP

Pause/refresh capability

Design time feature

Upcoming Webcasts

November 8 Mixed Modeling with SAP BW/4HANA & Native HANA

November 13 Smart Predict

November 14 SAP Analytics Cloud Integration with SAP BW: Best Practices

November 20 BI: SAP Analytics Hub and SAP Hybrid Analytics Strategy

December 4 INFL: Mobile BI Influence Council Re-launch


With CORS how do users outside the organization access SAC that do not have VPN accounts?

The recommendation is to place SAP Web Dispatcher in the DMZ and do a simple redirect. There is more information under Step 10 of the Guided Playlist at

Why it is only possible to write back data from SAC only through BPC? Customers who do not want to use BPC as a planning and consolidation tool still need to purchase licenses for BPC. Is it the best solution?

If you only have SAP Analytics Cloud then you can update and collaborate on your plans in SAP Analytics Cloud. What write base destination are you thinking of?

in case of Data Import - do we have limitation of data size

CORS cannot be used for data import?

CORS is only used for Live connections.

Is the web dispatcher option the same as the reverse proxy option?

Web dispatcher can be used to route requests to a DIRECT live connection and the configuration is much simpler than previously done with the PATH connection type.

Hello, we have a customer who's asking for a PoC, consuming a table from the S/4 HANA. Do you have like a guide for this?

It is possible to connect SAP Analytics Cloud with an SAP ERP Suite On HANA located in Amazon Cloud y not exposed to internet

yes you would use the SAP Cloud Connector. We have generic documents for this and if you Google you will find some specific ones from Amazon. Our generic ones are and

Can we connect SAC Analytics cloud using live/direct import connection to a HANA db on neo cloud platform

Hi, we have installed the Agent Client onpremise to connect the cloud. Can you tell me please, which ports and urls we need to authorize in our firewall ? Our base url is Thanks.

the SAP Cloud Connector connects using the standard 443 port. More information is at:

What limitation will be there in terms of data load for data import option

this is documented at

Is there an Excel connectivity with the planning capability of SAC?

SAP Analytics Cloud can import from excel either directly from a file or via a file server:

Can you still import excel files while having a sap cloud as datassource?

Can we use SAC for analytical needs of OLTP data in SAP ECC system ?

you can import the data into SAP Analytics Cloud per:

with the iOS app. What kind of certificate the customer should use? is the wildcard domain certificate useful?

for Linked Dimension between live connection Models what is the suggerst, because In my implementation is running sLowly more than 5 minutes for showing results

there are some performance recommendations here:

Pros and Cos for live connectivity and data import functionality?

Can SAC create a waterfall type report

yes this is a supported chart type:

How to maintain master data for existing models

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