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Basics of SAC Features- Hyperlinking in SAC


As the word hyperlink comes to our mind, it gives the idea of setting up link between any 2 sources via different modes.

Same is the Hyperlink feature we will see in this document specific to SAC.

This document covers the feasibilities of hyperlinking from a table in SAC.

Hyperlinking options in SAC

We will cover 2 main scenarios here –

  1. External Source

  2. Story Link


External Source

To link a dimension to an external URL from a table, we do have an option available to map the particular dimension that is used in the table or from list of all available dimension.

IN USE shows the list of dimensions mapped in your table.

ALL shows up the full list of dimensions available in the model.

Now to map a dimension from a table to external hyperlink,

Click on the dimension. Here we map it to location.

Click on Hyperlink and navigate to the hyperlink input panel –

For instance, here I have linked the location dimension to its Wikipedia page.

The URL creation goes in like – add a Wikipedia link + we can add location dimension from the In Use List

You can chose the Label and Navigation Tab option in the same Panel.

Once Hyperlinking is done, you get 2 options in the Table to action upon the Hyperlink-

In Table details we get an option - “Navigate to External URL”. Select on a cell and we can navigate to the external link.

Also, you have the option to show the hyperlinks in the tables, once clicked we get it as below –

Now, upon clicking on Los Angeles, you will be navigated to its Wikipedia page.

Note – Hyperlinks in table cells is enabled only in External link option.

Scenario 2 – Linking from Summary to Details story via story linking


This is a common scenario, where a user wants to navigate from a summary to a detail story where he can look and analyze all his business data to the lowest granularity.

To achieve this, we have created 2 stories- Summary and Detail.

Summary Story –

Product and all KPIs

Detail story –

Product, store, location, sales manager and all KPIs

We start with the same steps to add hyperlink to a selected column-

We will chose an option to Link to a story here and we can select the relevant story from a “Chose a story”.

Once you select your story, you do have an option to chose the page as well, in case you want to navigate to a particular page.

In our case, we just have 1 page – product wise, so navigation lands up at this very page for us.

You do have a option for selecting a new tab and also if we want to set the filter for our details report from the summary one.

We will check both the options for our scenario.

As you select “Apply Selected dimension as filter”, you will also have an option to enable cascading filter.

Selecting this will pass our selected cell as a filter value to our detail report/

Now , once we done all our mappings to enable Hyperlink from a Summary to a details report , we have 2 ways to click and navigate to detail story-



So, here we have clicked on product IPA cell and navigated to the details story.

The IPA Product filter would be applied and details story will give us all mapped insights related to IPA product.

Hope this helps!!

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