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This was a webcast today; webinars can be found here

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

What is coming - subject to change

Source: SAP

How to manage performance reviews, change precise, turnover problems, compensation

Article was written in 1958

Source: SAP

Right resources, right skills, are they available, can you get talent in time to make business decisions?

Reduce the decision maker bias

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Onboarding individuals, revenue boost, right training

Identify the business problems

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Enterprise wide reporting with SAP Analytics Cloud and Digital Boardroom - make HR data part of the enterprise data

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Bring "business" and HR together

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Hybrid analytics - cloud + on-premise (BusinessObjects portfolio)

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Three pillars of Digital Boardroom

Business leaders can touch on big screen

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Digital Boardroom is an extension of SAP Analytics Cloud

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SAP Analytics Cloud can bring HR analytics to enterprise BI - connectors in Analytics Cloud to bring in the SuccessFactors data

In a few weeks a dedicated Workforce Analytics connector in Analytics Cloud

When the recording is available be sure to catch jacob.stark demo

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Pre-built content for SuccessFactors is available in SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Source: SAP


Question & Answer/Comments from SAP

Q: where can I find more about workforce planning in SAC? (SAP Analytics Cloud)

A: We are working on developing content for planning content in SAC

There will be certain technical capabilities from SAC that will be leveraged as upgrade to reporting capabilities in SAP SuccessFactors. SAC will not replace SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics. (Source: SAP)

There will continue to be many use cases where SAC will extend capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors. (Source: SAP)

Q: Will SAC embedded in Report Center, with all future including scheduling, sharing etc.?

A: currently we have ad hoc, ORD, and tile and dashboards in SAP SuccessFactors, now all accessible via Report Center.


Q: What kind of data format could you move like that to SAC?
A: We plan to first add SAC capabilities that address what ad hoc, ORD, and tile & dashboards do, into Report Center and slowly switch over usage to the new and over time phasing out the old

SAC embedded in SAP SuccessFactors will solely act on data in SuccessFactors., while SAC extending/add-on to SAP SuccessFactors allows users to 1) push HR data to Digital Boardroom, 2) do data blending/wrangling from multiple sources, including HR 3) do agile/advanced visualization, such as geo maps, 4 ) guided data discovery and predictive analytics

Q: including seeting up own joins between tables and cross pull data from different modules?
A: there's a separate project going for data unification across SAP SuccessFactors to make it easy for users to do crooss module/domain reporting and analytics

So the back end effort is separate from the front end, with different timelines for delivery

Q: is salesforce/workday can be a datasource ?

A:  yes Salesforce and Workday can be sources. Workday can also be a source for SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics to provide your with metrics on top of your HR and talent source data

Q: how about permissions for accessing / viewing data?

A: there is data access permission available on members of a dimension

Q: is there a workshop/recording/documentation on the back-end data model configuration with SuccessFactors data?

A:  the OData connectors provide a similar view to what you see from SuccessFactors itself

you can download predefined content from the content library available in the files section - there is attached documentation for connectivity

Q: Drill downs are possible till the Employee Level (seeing how exactly it ise)? Another question is if Employees can be anonymised? Or visible and able to jump into their profile?

A: for the WFA connector, drill down to source transactions is not available with the initial release

for connector to SAP SuccessFactors transactional level, you have access to detailed source transactions

Comments: (SAP)

The SAC connector to WFA is planned for Q4. It will provide access to metrics in WFA without having to redefined and rebuild from source data. (Source: SAP)


Access to source transaction data in SAP SuccessFactors suite, and access to ready metrics in SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics (planned for Q4) (Source: SAP)


Can't blend remote connections; working on that


Upcoming ASUG webcasts:

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