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This was a SAP User Group webinar. Please see abstract below.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers various tools and workflows to connect, cleanse and explore data for business users. Get the latest updates on new feature capabilities for data preparation and an outlook at the road map.

What you'll get:

  • Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud Data Import and Wrangling

  • Tips and tricks to data preparation

  • The latest updates on new capabilities and outlook

  • Q&A session (Source: SAP)

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Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Legal disclaimer applies; everything is subject to change

Source: SAP

2 ways to connect

Live connection is popular, data stays in corporate network

Live does not need to replicate data

Leverage business metadata without additional modeling

Today is about import connection

Today's landscapes are heterogenous

Source: SAP

SAP source or non-SAP source

Connect live or acquired

For all SAP sources, "best in class"

For non SAP data, use smart data integration to access in live scenario

For acquired, goal is to be open

In Blue is what can be connected now

In Q3 introduce import connection to SAP HANA views - connect tables, views and prompts

Source: SAP

3rd party connectors - starting in Q3 to be delivered in a staged delivery; working with cloud partner to up to 150 cloud sources to achieve openness

Source: SAP

Access to 6 new sources

More data sources to come; need to have SAP Cloud Platform Open Connector license

Source: SAP

Planned for Q3 - increased upload limits - 2GB for files

Upload limits will be continually increased; later even higher limits

Source: SAP

Planned for Q3 - export limits increased

Will be increased more in the future

Source: SAP

Plan is to blur the link between live and acquired

Extend connectivity to more sources

Source: SAP

Model first approach; makes BI rigid

In prepare mode, connected to data, prepare it and clean it

In today have different ways to view mode, in card view see data quality, distribution, statistical information on how the data looks

Source: SAP

Can prepare transformations to clean the data

Source: SAP

Can bring columns into rows

Source: SAP

Other data prep options shown above - calculated columns, geo enrichments with coordinates or area names, create hierarchies

History is maintained for transformations, can undo steps

Source: SAP

Prepare with Agility - planned

Get more agility and speed into prep

Combine data from multiple sources - SAP or 3rd party, cloud or on-premise, acquired or remote

Question & Answer

Q: Will there be a feature in the where we can see all tables with joins (like in Access)?

A: Planned, that is the vision; will be a visualization/view data sources

Q: Would it be possible to see how to connect SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP BW ?

A: Live or imported - today's webinar focusing on importing only

Q: You showed the geo map. Where did it come from ? Is it part of Analytics Cloud ? or was is some integration with Google Map ? What about ESRI as map provider ?

A: Map in story is an Esri map and it is part of SAC and license

Q: How to differentiate amount type from dimensions; after building model the display view throws error of changing from currency type to dimension

A: Manually change mapping

Q: how can we integrate the SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP Fiori Launchpad with SSO

A: blog that explains how to do that; use URL API to embed in Fiori Launchpad

Link to PDF slides is here

Link to replay is here
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