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SAP's Eric Yew spoke at this webcast yesterday.

Integration includes SAP, non-SAP

This presentation focused on data integration

How connect to data, prepare it

Before I start the recap, join us for these upcoming webcasts:

March 7 BI: What's New in SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence 4.2 SP07

March 26 BI: Hybrid Analytics and Analytics Hub - Latest Developments

March 27 BI: Influence of Agility and Big Data Principles to BW/4HANA Architecture

March 28 BI: Overview of Latest BI Features in SAP Cloud Analytics

April 2 BI: A Beginner’s Guide to Use SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Planning

April 3 BI: Smart Predict Update

April 4 BI: Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Story Performance in SAP Analytics Cloud

April 9 BI: Data Protection & Privacy with BW/4HANA

April 10 BI: What's New with Application Design in SAP Analytics Cloud

April 11 BI: Hybrid Planning Scenarios Built by SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning and SAP Business Planning an...

April 16 BI: What's New in Transitioning from SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA

April 18: INFL: ASUG SAP Analytics Cloud Influence Council Launch for Data Connectivity & Agile Data Preparati...

Source: SAP

Part of ASUG, launching an influence council for SAP Analytics Cloud

Influence council is a structured forum where customers collaborate with each other and influence the direction of SAP Analytics and road map

Call for participants - IT and business - register here

Source: SAP

Strategies to connect to data "any where" - on premise or cloud

Time needs to be spent to get data meaningful

Capabilities to enrich data, blend it

Live connections to HANA S/4HANA Universes

Seamless way to connect, no replication

Integrate tightly

Leverages security

Data import - brings agility to users, insights, flexibility to manipulate, cleanse data

Source: SAP

In Q4 added 90+ on premise data sources, comparable to BusinessObjects BI Platform

Partners such as APOS provide 3rd party data import connectors

Source: SAP

On left, live data connectivity - talk to data in best manner, such as HANA, BW, S/4HANA - no data replication for most workflows

Data is kept safe behind corporate firewall

On the right, data import connectivity, leverage maximum benefit, stored "safely" - data is encrypted

Helps extend capability that live cannot do today - predictive, planning

Once imported, using HANA calculation engine

Data security is not transferred to SAC.

Source: SAP

HANA Cloud Connector acts like a secure VPN tunnel

Cloud Agent establishes data connection to your system, manages query execution

Today you can use the simple deployment kit

Link above - installer bundles both together to get started

Self Service to Data

Source: SAP

Business user or data analyst, a lot of time is spent preparing data, more than doing the analysis

Demo showed this using HR data

Source: SAP

Supporting DataOps Strategy

Source: SAP

Best way to secure data

Content role of data modeling

How govern data (public vs private model)

Source: SAP

Road map for data import connections (legal disclaimer applies that anything in the future is subject to change)


Consider joining us Monday, May 6 for a hands-on pre-conference session on SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Application Design - more information here
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