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In this blog today, I am going to discuss about the Allocation process of element in SAP Analytics Cloud using  Data Action i.e. Allocation element across other inside a Financial Model Copy operation from same Financial Model.

Allocation Process :  In Planning, Allocation process is the process of distributing values (Gross Sales) from one data elements ( in our case unassigned Entity ) among other elements( our case products) within same Plan/Model or between cross planning model.

In our scenario we will allocate/distribute (KPI Gross Sales) of the Unassigned  Entity to the Product.

Steps :

1. Create a Story with Financial Model Actual Data. Map Actual , budget and forecast data while create the Classical model .


In the plan we will distribute the "APJ" entity value( Gross Sales value - $45262705.5) between different product .

In this we have to map the Source fields to target field with respect to a value driver( KPI) which I will show latter.

2. Now Create a Allocation Process : Created a allocation process with name "Allocation Gross Sales" and inside create allocation Step "Gross Sales Allocation". Used the following setting-

Map the source and target element to distribute.

We are mapping "APJ" entity value( Gross Sales value - $45262705.5) within  product "Cross Bikes" for  Allocation



3.  Create a Data Action and assign the Allocation process with name "Allocation Element" -


Click existing allocation process link -


Provide the Allocation details and Save it.

4. Assign a Data Action Trigged button and created another table with Product hierarchy in the right sight of the Entity Hierarchy breakdown table. Where the we can see the allocation when we hit the "Allocate Entry" Button.

After execution the "Allocate Entry" Button you can see no Allocation from APJ Entity distributed below -


After execution you can see that the Gross Sales value has been distributed to Product "Cross Bikes".

Initial value of the Cross Bike was 2309666.94 , when allocated added with 45262705.50 become 47,572,372.44 -


Hope this will help.

In the next blog, I will discuss about the Collaborative Enterprise planning with Planning Automation and schedule using calendar.
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