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Many organizations include non-SAP data sources among their enterprise data sources, and can benefit from using that data to inform their SAP Analytics Cloud stories. APOS Live Data Gateway provides a simple and effective means of establishing live connectivity with a wide variety of non-SAP data sources, including relational, OLAP, Hadoop, and the many cloud-based data environments that so many organizations are utilizing (Snowflake, Google, Amazon, Azure, etc.)

Watch this demo to see how easy it is to connect SAP Analytics Cloud to Google BigQuery:

In a recent webinar, available on demand, the APOS team looked specifically at how APOS Live Data Gateway connects to non-SAP data sources, and makes self-service data modelling available without deep technical knowledge of the data sources.

The webinar looked at:

  • Connecting to relational data sources – on-premise or Cloud

  • Connecting to OLAP data sources

  • Self-service data modelling

  • Connectivity and data modelling use cases

For an overview of these topics, watch this vlog post based on the webinar content:

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