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This was an SAP user group webcast.

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Source: SAP

Agenda is shown above. I arrived a few minutes late so I assume the legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

Source: SAP

Live connectivity covers BW, BW/4HANA, S/4HANA

Using Ina service

Source: SAP

Value proposition of using SAP Analytics Cloud on top of BW today

SAP Analytics Cloud can be a self service toolkit on top of BW

Linked analysis - define interactions between charts

Going forward, plan to make SAC the "one stop shop" for BW

Make SAC the only client on top of BW

Source: SAP


Uses SAP BW authorizations

Semantics of BW query can be leveraged

Other metadata like hierarchies and variables can be used

Data resides in on premise system.


Download snapshots of data into SAC to local models

Can use smart features not yet available to live connections

Might give you a performance edge when you want to provide dedicated high level dashboards for management consumption

Most customers look to using BW live as the advantages list is longer

Roadmap for BW Live Integration

Source: SAP

Quarterly release shipments

Source: SAP

With live connections, in 3 buckets:

1. live capabilities - self service features - data blending, charting options

2. integration with BW concepts - BW query concepts, infoprovider concepts - examples enhancing support of queries with 2 structures, sorting on 2 structure queries

3. Performance improvements


Data blending - today possible to blend live queries with uploaded files; 3rd quarter - blend 2 live queries, and BW and S/4HANA

Q3 -mid and end of August (planned)

Support variance charts - enhance with variances based on versions - e.g. planned, forecast, budget

Support is planned for chloropleth layers

Prompting - constant investment, calendar/date picker to make selection of date based variable values easier

Data Analyzer


Enhance calculation editor

More on Data Analyzer

Prompting - will support copy and paste

After Q4 - probably Q1:

Further enhance data blending

Blending with HANA live data

Blending in on premise engine (today performed in SAC cloud)

Enable custom grouping of dimensions (can do today in Analysis Office-custom groups)

Will support linked nodes in hierarchies

Features depend on certain version of BW (see SAP Note)

Source: SAP

BW recommendation version

SAP Analytics Designer

Tool for creating applications

More JavaScript support

For, while loops, break, exit loops

(demo is included in replay)

Includes more debugging features

Source: SAP

Plan to provide more widgets (tabstrip, panel)

Custom widget beta program (GA planned Q4)

Data Analyzer

Coming soon, like generic template in Lumira Designer

Goes against BW queries (no remote model in SAC)

Enhanced builder panel, drag and drop

Q3 will be first version

Immediate access to BW queries without creating a model in SAP Analytics Cloud

Pass query name by URL parameter

Pause auto refresh

Source: SAP

Road map for Data Analyzer


Q: Is predictive and planning capabilities of SAC available for BW live connections (without using Analytics Designer)? If not, are there plans to have this?

A: For BW live, predictive features not available

For planning, investments for BPC planning - only available for Analytics Designer

Q: "Seamless Drill down from aggregated data to lowest data granularity in BW" - how is that achieve this? is that via setting up hierarchies in BEx query? or hierarchies in SAC?

A: Not by hierarchies in SAC

For live connections, have access to all BW hierarchies, can select drill down

Drill down by flat dimensions

For Data Analyzer will be available to end users with view rights

Q: Does SAC supports blending of data from 2 models where 1 is based on BW live and the other is based on BW import data connection

A: Yes, supported

Q: Regarding future releases, does SAC generate some SQL script an push it to DB level (similar to WEBI) or everything is being performed on appl level of SAC? for example blending is similar to join statement

A: This is more of data warehouse features; no plans to provides that in SAC on the modeling level

Q: Is there a roadmap plan for introducing the functionality of Business Objects Web Intelligence, particularly the advanced report formatting and bursting features.

A: Bursting, yes, based on distributing reports with different selections, depending on recipient - in future plans

Can't address other, as this webinar is based on BW integration

Q: Will I see HANA calculation views as providers for model if I use BW live connection with BWonHANA

A: With BW live connections you will see queries - see calc views with HANA live connection

Replay link is here

It was interesting to learn about the Data Analyzer.  What do you think?
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