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Introduction to SAC

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which is a latest peer group of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) imparts Business Intelligence (BI), Predictive Capabilities and Planning in one single solution to all the users.

  • Exploits the newest technologies, one can discover, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate in solitary consolidated insight drafted explicitly for the cloud.

  • Uncovers functional insights in real time by accessing all data and implanting analytics straight away into business processes.

  • Down the eccentric convergence of Machine Learning, Planning and Analytical Capabilities, SAP Analytical Cloud (SAC) attains unique translucency and potential of placing business planning with execution.

  • Acquires extensive insights with less attempts with compound analytics. Retaliates to natural language queries, automatically scrutinizes data, run simulations and forecasts future incidents.

  • Reacts confidently with rich information. Machine Learning and principal data foundation, delivers the accurate insight, at the right place and at the right time.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) traverse information across the organization and conveys insights at the time of decision with interactive stories.

  • Optimizes financial and operational planning and ideally shifts plans into actions. Rationalizes access to critical information with natural language processing and models complex scenarios with predictive capabilities.

Introduction to Business Content:

In any organization, there is often a call to make a system more efficient. Our application uses SAP Analytics Cloud that aids Intelligent Enterprise to connect with SAP Intelligent Applications like S/4, Ariba, Customer Experience to analyze the finance, sales, supply, demand and inventory. The business content helps shorten the customer journey from data to decision by providing ready made models and KPIs which can be deployed in any landscape.

How it solves customer requirements / use cases:

Our analytic content helps in making optimal decisions on various factors that helps in running business effectively and also aids in encountering customer essentials. Few of which are:

Ideal Supplier Identification:

Ideal Supplier Identification gives an overview of procurement cost, raw material quantities and cost, procurement savings, delivery and risk management information for each and every supplier involved in the procurement process of the user. Risk management imbibes the customer’s reviews related to the supplier involvement. Further, a mix model compares different related to raw materials and supplier to validate the top and beneficial suppliers.

The above figure presents the percentage availability of Suppliers to deliver the finished goods and overview of Suppliers who delivered the Finished Good to the Retailers on Time, which enables the customers in identifying the best out of the Suppliers.

It shows the total profit and total cost of Savings by each Supplier to select the effective Suppliers.

This Scenario helps the Customers in choosing the ideal Supplier for the organization who delivers the goods on time with less defective rate which helps in customer to gain the more profit and cost of savings like storage cost etc.


  • Helps in Forecasting profits based on Supplier mix.

  • Visualizes the Financial overview of Revenue, Average cost of purchase order and cost incurred in Procurement over the Suppliers.

  • Performance of Suppliers who delivered on time and rate of Availability of Suppliers for the finished products.

  • Risk handling over the Suppliers based on Defect rate and Customer Responses.

You can access the product from the SAP App Center here


Spend Analytics:

It is the process of identifying, gathering, cleansing, grouping and analyzing organization spend data with a goal of decreasing procurement costs and improving efficiencies. It gives an insight using real-time data and analytics that assists in hoarding money and acquiring efficiency.

The above figure visualizes the Revenue, Spending per product and profit percentage for the Time plan using this Scenario, Customer can easily finds the total spend and profits on each products.

This Business Scenario gives the visibility of total spend across product, supplier and plant and manages the budgets for the upcoming years to spend on the required categories to drive the profit, By using the predictive forecast enabled feature customer can easily visualizes the quarterly progress based on profit %.


Total Spend across product, supplier and plant.

  • Capitalize on opportunities in price discovery, categorization and payment term optimization.

  • Manages the spend and budget for the upcoming years to spend on the required categories

  • Predictive forecast enabled feature visualizes the profit % over the time

 You can access the product from the SAP App Center here


Inventory Optimization:

It presents the largest gains in revenue, margins, inventory turns and customer satisfaction with version collation, aids in fusing of Finance, Sales, Supply and Demand and also assists in comparison between statistical forecast (SAP Integrated Business Planning), heuristic forecast, regional forecast and consensual forecast. Inventory Optimization dashboard gives an overview of Finance, sales, supply and demand information within an organization. It provides Demand segmented forecast (by product) which will help deriving a better accuracy in forecasting. Allows a top down and bottom up planning.

The above figure shows the demand, supply, Quantity and Forecast, Regional Forecast of products in quantity, which helps the Customers to forecast the Sales Planning and gain in Revenue, Margin and Inventory returns for the upcoming months and years.

By using this content Customer can easily optimizes the inventory control based on the supply and demand of products over the time.


  • Presents the gains in revenue, margins, inventory turns and customer satisfaction with version collation.

  • Aids in fusing of Finance, Sales, Demand and Supply.

  • High Level Forecasting compares between Statistical forecast, regional forecast and consensual forecast.

You can access the product from the SAP App Center here


GRC Access Control:

Our Access Control dashboard gives an overview of real time issues and alerts in an organization. It provides better insights on your risk processes and controls. Simple, Efficient & Scalable. Standardized processes to overcome traditional processes driving inefficiencies and higher costs. Integration with SAP Analytics. User-Preference management. Context sensitive based navigation with in the dashboard.

The above figure Leverages worldwide visibility over current risks and trends, which in turn achieves compliance at a lower cost through automation of access and controls.

Using this GRC Access control Scenario Customer can easily predicts the Risk over the regions and controls the process. It also aids in re-evaluating the key risk-management indicator requirements, which aligns and sustains Access Control within the applications.


  • It fortifies fraud management by evaluating the trends and reports against best practice metrics that establishes an integrated, seamless and consistent automated control system

  • furnishes intensified visibility of control effectiveness for management

You can access the product from the SAP App Center here

GRC Process Control:

GRC Process Control dashboard gives an overview for all your GRC Process analytical needs. It covers the issues involved in an organization and explains further with the PO details for various categories. Simple and Efficient. Integrated with SAP Analytics. Context sensitive based navigation within the dashboard.

The above figure represents the total number of issues raised within the organization and also represent the count by setting the priorities like High, critical, Medium in a precise time period placing the priority, which will be helpful for an organization for discerning the issue types.

By viewing this scenario customer can easily predict the Severity to solve the issues over the departments


  • Insights on Risk processes and controls over the Organization.

  • Maintains a strong process control strategy by monitoring the company's security policies

You can access the product from the SAP App Center here

 What benefits does Customers get by using the business content:

  • This Business content is readymade available with inbuilt features that aids to run the business effectively.

  • Customers can easily deploy the content with minimal effort and start getting insight driven decisions.

  • The content is built using the full capability of SAP Analytics cloud in terms of analysis, self-service, smart insights, simulations, planning etc.

  • By plugging in these contents, Customers can easily get to know about the real time issues over the organization and can easily predict the future risks and thus helps to manage the risks.

  • Models beneath are built to cater to any landscape and uses the standard SAP Analytics Cloud out of the box data integration and data transformation capabilities.


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