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(This was a submission for the SAP Analytics Cloud Hackathon)

Without particular knowledge of SAC, what kind of dashboard can be built in a few days ?

This blog post will give you an example of what can be done.


A part of the business in my company is managed through tickets.

For the "SAP Analytics Cloud: Analytics Designer Hackathon", I've designed in SAC a (small) story whose purpose is to have useful information on tickets.

Data have been extracted from my company's system, "sanitized" and loaded in SAC using the "file import" feature.

The story in SAC is divided in 3 tabs :

  • "tickets overview" : the data in this tab are filtered according to the tickets opening month and provide information such as the tickets repartition by status, the ticket average workload, ticket average solving duration, ... Data are not detailed but for "Tickets by status" chart, it's possible to "Explore" and jump to a table (see below).



Explore for the chart "Tickets by status" :


  • the second tab "Tickets alerts" is composed by 2 charts and is supposed to alert people on special cases. It has been considered that too many ticket creations in a month is an alert (use of thresholds). The tickets that aren't been solved for a long time is also an issue. For unsolved tickets, it is possible to "explore" in order to have the list of tickets.

"Explore" from the unsolved tickets :

  • the third tab is in fact a table which enables to have detailed information on ticket.


SAP Analytics Cloud is (quite) intuitive and allows the realization of a dashboard in a few days (only a little part of the SAC capabilities haven been used here).

For the Analytics Designer Hackathon event, data have been uploaded using a file but SAC can be plugged on a BW system (for instance) and thus automatic data loading can be scheduled.
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