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We are delighted to be taking part in the SAC Analytics Designer Hackathon 2019. This blog is with reference to our participation. We have shared our story with application screenshots followed by our learnings/observations at the end.

The objective of this dashboard is to provide business users within a fictitious UK based mobile device retailer insight into the sales and lead information for their stores, i.e. which shops generated and lost most leads, lead to sale conversion ratio, sales volumes and split by demographic.

The application consists of three main sections:

  1. An entry page displaying main KPI's with filter options on product and location, as well as demographics

  2. Lead & Sales Analysis to help the user gain more insight on leads and sales data

  3. A Geo map that allows you to visually drill into lead and sales data


Overview & Navigation

The dashboard is composed of buttons & dropdowns placed on the main canvas.
These allow users to:

  • Set visibility of panels containing our visuals

  • Filter the visuals

  • Include a graphic that launches the Smart Insight functionality

Panels were used as the application does not provide page/tab functionality

The Product & City dropdowns filter all visuals on screen, while the demographic radio buttons filters visuals on the right-hand side of the screen.

Lead & Sales Analysis KPI screen

This page provides users with:

  • 3 KPI’s vs target

  • An interactive heatmap to provide popup data for a selected store

  • A donut chart that can dynamically show the dimension chosen in the radio selector above

  • An RSS feed


Clicking on the heatmap launches a popup with further details for a given store


Lead & Sales Analysis Screen

Provides more granular lead information, here we have a table that can be filtered and unfolded to drill into quarterly & monthly lead data.


Geo Screen

The Geo map allows users to drill into location-based datasets. In this scenario lead data can be explored by city and store locations.

While it was easy to add a geo map to our application it was not possible to have linked measures and dimensions to allow for it to interact with or be affected by other components in the geo map dashboard.

Currently the programmatic interactions available with a geo map are limited to modifying its visibility or returning its layout / layer information.


Smart Insights

The application also incorporates the latest Smart Insights functionality, which can be launched from the KPI and Leads & Sales Analysis pages of the dashboard:



We would like to see further enhancements to include:-

  • Improved linked analysis between visual components

  • An ‘Undo’ button

  • Less reliance on scripted functionality for basic design components (drop downs, filters, etc.)

  • Enhanced tabular reporting

  • A more intuitive Data Model GUI with more functionality

Special thanks to my colleagues:

  1. James Barlow

  2. Cal Loudon

  3. Tom Kornfeld

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