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Human Resource management is important for any organization and Analytics enables the decision makers to have a holistic view of important KPIs. Self service BI is a fast growing field nowadays and organizations are more focused on data literacy across departments. But it is equally important to have standard applications generally rolled out to a larger user group. a combination of guided application along with self service BI help organization to reap maximum benefit from their BI investment.

SAP Analytics Designer Hackathon 2019

This demo application has been designed as part of SAP Analytics Designer Hackathon 2019. It is an event organized by SAP for partners and students where we can showcase own applications using the new features of SAP Analytics Designer. Scripting APIs enables application developers to design powerful apps and advanced features makes the tool the best for Business Intelligence, Augmented Analytics and Planning on cloud. Designer features are highlighted in this Hackathon and in the demo explained below.

There is no limit to your imagination when you have the power to implement it in your hands!

more details can be found here

Application Description

I have taken a sample HR data set which provides an overview of important KPIs for selected Department or Role. Additional analysis shows the placement of each employee in the defined KPI spectrum with an option to go to individual employee profile with important information, which will be the least granular data in this data set. A top to bottom approach helps the user to get what he/she wants with few clicks on-demand. Data set has been taken from

Sample organization in this use case has 3 main departments Sales, R&D and HR. It is important to know HR KPIs specific to department, specific Job Roles in department  or only specific to the job roles without considering the departments. Launching screen has an overview of important KPIs as shown and the selection of Department and Job Roles are common for entire application.

Filter combinations help users to find answers to their questions. For eg:- It is visible that employee attrition is less among Managers and gender ratio is better than the overall organization values as shown in below example.

Second page of application give more detailed level of information on the mentioned KPIs with employee distribution. Each chart distributes employees to different KPIs so that the application user will have an option to derive his insight on an employee comparing with his/her peer group.

Uniform Filters across the application helps to further narrow down the result as shown below for deeper analysis.

Finally, a click on of the point in these scatter plots will open the respective employee profile with individual details for the analyzed KPIs to complete the analysis.



Features of SAP Analytics Cloud Designer help to design powerful guided applications for larger user groups. Scripting APIs provide endless possibilities to customize applications based on user needs. Continuous improvement from SAP with new features makes the tool better day by day.
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